DENTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s the season for giving, right? A couple in Denton is celebrating their wedding night thanks in part to a Lewisville Police Officer who went beyond the call of duty to give them back the traditional symbols of their union.

They became Emery and Sam Bundy on Sunday afternoon, a wedding a year in the making. A wedding almost without the bands of marriage, until a man in a black hat on a dark night showed up.

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“I really think I was just doing my job, and doing what I was supposed to do,” said Lewisville Police Officer Charles Bonar.

Bonar responded to a theft call at a Home Decor superstore on Dec. 17.

Emery Bundy’s purse was taken in her shopping cart, along with her money – and wedding rings.

“This woman switches out the carts, then takes my purse and disappears. Luckily, the amazing officer really saved the day and made it his mission to find our rings,” said Emery.

The officer, with surveillance video from the store, was able to track and find the person accused of taking that purse.

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“[I] went to the suspect’s residence, advised her that the victim only wants her property back, if they get their property back, they don’t want to press any charges,” said Officer Bonar.

The next evening, as the officer’s body camera shows us, a pre-wedding gift is being delivered.

Everyone applauded as the officer gave the couple back their rings.

“We were totally conflicted, but the officer was looking out for us. He called me several times. He was great. We owe a lot to him, He was just amazing,” said Emery.

Sam and Emery Bundy got their rings back thanks to the heroic efforts of a police officer. (Credit: CBSDFW.COM)

“Congratulations, really happy for you guys, glad it all worked out, and glad I could help,” Officer Bonar said.

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The Bundys did have to cancel their honeymoon plans, but their money, phones, and rings were returned.