By Alexis Wainwright

CORSICANA, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — As Christmas quickly approaches, hundreds of Texans are flocking to a small town to pick up a special desert as part of their holiday tradition.

About 50 miles south of Dallas, there’s a small town called Corsicana.

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“It is definitely the taste, the moisture, the quality of it and you know,” one customer, Mary Baker, said. “It’s the freshness of it.”

There’s a popular place where people tend to stop for a special treat.

“Fruit cake,” a customer in town from Louisiana, Sharon Beltz, said.

“Fruit cake, fruit cake,” couple Don and Mickey Licapovich from Tyler, Texas said.

Thousands of Texans call this city the capital of fruit cake.

“If you want a fruit cake, this is the place to come, they always have them,” Licapovich said.

Collin Street Bakery is what they’re referring to. They sell tons of cake, desserts, and other foods, but most people buy their fruit cakes.

They’re sold in their stores, but also through online sales on their website and on Amazon.

“Each year we will have about a million visitors that come through this tiny shop on 7th Avenue,” Collin Street Bakery spokesperson Hayden Crawford said.

He said right before Christmas is the busiest time of the year.

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“It’s basically a holiday tradition for my family to have at least three of them in the pantry,” Walter Truitt, of Houston, said.

They call this time of year fruit cake season, it typically starts in late September or early October.

“We go from making Wednesday’s Tuesday’s fruitcakes in small amounts to cranking out 15,000-20,000 cakes a day,” Crawford said.

Crawford said their bakery typically doesn’t make over a million pounds of fruitcake per year. This year, they’ve made over 1.4 million pounds of fruit cake.

“This became a necessary stop on the way home each time I went home,” a customer who lives in Fort Worth, Stephen Mathis, said.

This place has been running since 1896. Mathis said he was introduced to this place when they first started their business and he quickly introduced them to his family.

“They’re soooooo delicious, they really are,” Baker said.

Now he’s at the store this year with his sister.

“I get looked at funny if I don’t bring a fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery,” Mathis said.

He isn’t the only one with a family tradition involving this bakery’s fruit cake.

“I’m from Houston, Texas, my dad actually went to high school here in Corsicana,” Truitt said. “He always told me about Collin Street Bakery’s fruitcakes.”

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Due to the high demand, the bakery opened Friday. Production of fruit cakes will pick back up in the new year.

Alexis Wainwright