By Nicole Nielsen

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – We may have just had the warmest Christmas day on record, but that’s surely going to change into the new year.

Temperatures are expected to plummet over the weekend, and aside from grabbing a coat, experts say there’s some things you should do to winterize your home.

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“It comes out of nowhere. One day you’re in flip flops and shorts, and the next day you’re looking for your ski gear!” said David Crow, General Manager of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

He says the first thing you should do is disconnect your outside water hoses and wrap them up with towels so they stay insulated.

“They hold water, and you want to disconnect them so you don’t have a pipe that freeze and bursts.”

On the inside of your home, he says to open up your cabinets in any area where there is an outside fixture.

“You want to make sure to open up your cabinets and turn the heater up in your home. Crank it up more than you normally would so that the fixtures on the outside wall have heat that is getting back near this plumbing.”

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You’ll also want to keep a steady stream of water running through your pipes to keep them from freezing.

As for turning up the heat, the Fort Worth Fire Department says there’s some precautions you should take to ensure you are keeping yourself safe.

“Anytime you increase the amount of appliances you’re using to heat, unfortunately we do see quite a bit of an increase [in fires],” said Mike Drivdahl of the Fort Worth Fire Department.

He says be careful how you heat, and don’t use anything unconventional.

Today, we caught folks loading up on firewood. If you plan on burning some, make sure your fireplace has been cleaned and that your damper is open.

And of course, check your smoke detectors to ensure they’re working properly.

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“It’s a really good idea to make sure your smoke detectors are working. Without those, you may not be alerted until it’s too late.”

Nicole Nielsen