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Texas Workforce Commission Tweets State Applying For Additional Weekly $300 For Unemployed, Then Deletes TweetA spokesperson told CBS 11, the commission apologizes for the confusion, but the tweet was not supposed to be posted.
Unemployed Texans Still Waiting On State To Apply For Additional $300 BenefitSo far, Gov. Greg Abbott has not said whether Texas will do this.
Difference Between Democrats, Republicans Unemployment Benefit Plans Is $1,600 Per MonthAfter two weeks of negotiations, the two sides have not budged on their stances on restarting the jobless aid.
Many North Texans Still Waiting On First Stimulus Check As Congress Considers Second RoundThe CBS 11 I-Team hears every day from people still waiting, wondering if something went wrong or if their check was stolen.
CBS 11 Special COVID-19 Summer GuideCBS 11 takes a special look at what summer activities will look like as organizations see how COVID-19 may affect their plans.
The Reopening Of TexasCBS 11 details the next steps, the extreme measures businesses are taking, and your rights as a customer on a special edition of CBS 11 News.
Coronavirus: Tracking The Tests - CBS 11 Special ReportVirus testing the new hotspot of COVID confusion. A special edition of CBS 11 News.
WATCH - Coronavirus Your Money And More: Personal FinanceIf you have lost your job and are struggling financially, watch our special report that aired Wednesday, April 29 on CBS 11.
Coronavirus Your Money And More: Small Business Struggles Special Report ReplayComing up this tonight on CBS 11 News at 6, we are going to dive deeper into the struggles many small businesses are facing during the COVID-19 shutdown.
Coronavirus: Out Of Work? These Places Are HiringWhile the spread of COVID-19 forces many businesses to close their doors, turning away customers and employees, some companies are hiring to keep up with demand during the outbreak.
Coronavirus Stimulus Check & Relief Package FAQThe $2 trillion stimulus bill includes payments for most Americans. Here's how to figure out how much you'll receive.
Unemployment Benefits: Frequently Asked QuestionsHere are some frequently asked questions about unemployment benefits including eligibility rules, benefit amounts, how to apply, and more. 
Coronavirus In Texas: Distance Learning ResourcesHere are some good resources for parents who need help managing their child's education.
Coronavirus Stuck At Home Life HacksMany North Texans have been stuck and home due to the Coronavirus Shutdown, and self-isolation can be tough. We've found some life hacks that might make life a little easier. 
Coronavirus: Your Money And More Special Report And Executive Director Of TWC UpdateJoin us here for new information on the stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, and who's hiring.
Coronavirus: Resource Guide And Tips For Job HuntersThe Coronavirus pandemic has many people out of a job or looking for a new career. That means many North Texans will be filling out job applications, going on interviews, writing cover letters and more. 
Coronavirus In Texas: Small Business GuideThe Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allocated almost $350 billion to help small businesses keep workers employed amid the pandemic and economic downturn.
Scammers Using Text Messages About Stimulus Checks To Try To Get Your Personal InformationIn a classic case of phishing, these texts usually contain links to unsecure websites.
Coronavirus: Public Utilities Commission Of Texas Approves Order To Temporarily Suspend Utility ShutoffsThousands of residential customers unable to pay their utility bills can expect some short-term relief.
Unemployment Benefits Expanded: Who’s Now Eligible And How To ApplyIn the past 18 days, a record half a million Texans have filed for unemployment.
Coronavirus: What To Do If Laid Off & Can't Pay BillsConsumer advocates suggest immediately informing lenders of a financial hardship due to COVID-19 before potential late fees kick in.
Coronavirus: Legal ResourcesThe coronavirus shutdown as many North Texans worried about legal issues. Here are some resources that can help.
Free Online Activities During The Coronavirus ShutdownMany organizations across North Texas are providing free online enrichment activities that are suitable for all ages. 
Coronavirus: How Can You Help?Thousands of North Texans have been negatively impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, and need help. There are several organizations that are providing that help during this time of need, and they are looking for donations or volunteers to meet urgent needs.
Pet Assistance During Coronavirus PandemicPeople are the only ones who might need assistance during this difficult time, our furry friends could also be in need.
Financial Experts: No Rash Decisions With 401k During Coronavirus Uncertainty“For most people, the best course of action is sit tight, double buckle the seat belt, keep adding money while stocks are lowering and keep accumulating more shares.”
Coronavirus: Pausing Your Student LoansThe U.S. Department of Education granted a payment waiver for at least 60 days to many people during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Coronavirus: Food AssistanceSchool districts across North Texas have closed stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are in need of assistance for meals in the upcoming weeks please look into these resources.
Health And Mental Health Resources During Coronavirus ShutdownOur community is working towards "flattening the curve" and minimize the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, but many North Texans will still need health and mental health resources during this time. 

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