Child Tax Credit: When Will You Get Your First Check?The revised Child Tax Credit, as part of the American Rescue Plan, increases the amount of money paid to parents and changes its implementation.
Restaurants Now Enduring Nationwide Chicken ShortagePoultry experts say it’s the result of the perfect storm of events over the last year.
Dallas Restaurant Owner Who Served In The Army Gets Frozen Out Of COVID-19 Relief MoneyWhen Congress passed the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, it promised owners who are military veterans would be at the top of the priority list along with women and those who are socially disadvantaged.
American Airlines Plans Electric, Vertical Take-Off Aircraft To Serve Urban AreasAmerican Airlines announced it will invest in $25 million in U.K.-based Vertical Aerospace including preordering up to 250 electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft -- totaling around $1 Billion.
Is Dogecoin A Good Investment? Expert Suggests Avoiding Controversial Cryptocurrency MarketDogecoin, which started as a joke, is now worth real money, though the value of the cryptocurrency can vary widely.
Stimulus Check Latest: Will You Get A Fourth Relief Payment?With the latest round of stimulus checks already distributed to most eligible Americans, many wonder if additional aid is coming.
Ally Bank Totally Eliminates Overdraft Fees For All CustomersThere will be no requirements or restrictions for customers as Ally Financial ends overdraft fees entirely on all of its bank products.
'We Are Going To Stop Buying Fuel Abroad': Mexico Set To Buy Shell's Share Of Texas RefineryThe move comes as part of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's central policy to build, acquire or renovate oil refineries.
Tax Refunds Delayed As May 17 Filing Deadline ArrivesCOVID and the policies to help fight its economic implications have put the IRS far behind in its processing of tax returns.
Dallas-Based AT&T Combining Media Assets, Merging Discovery Inc. With WarnerMediaDallas-based AT&T will join its media operations that include CNN, HBO, TNT and TBS in a $43 billion deal with Discovery.
'We Have Run Into A Little Bit Of A Struggle': North Texas Restaurants Having Hard Time Staffing UpWith the state being asked to remove pandemic unemployment, people are looking for work— some restaurants are ready to up the pay.