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Graham in Turkey after criticizing Trump's Syria withdrawal plansSenior GOP senator has said Trump's move to pull out will embolden ISIS, as ex-U.S. envoy warns it's already happening
Pompeo meets with top North Korean official in WashingtonSecretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korea's Kim Yong Chol are meeting in D.C., as President Trump hopes for a second summit
Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress: ReportTrump attorney Rudy Giuliani dismissed the BuzzFeed report but Democratic lawmakers pounced on it, with one saying if it's true, it's grounds for impeachment or resignation
Furloughed? What to know about collecting unemploymentAs more and more federal workers apply for unemployment to make ends meet, snags in the system are showing
GOP Rep. Will Hurd says wall is "least effective" border security measureHurd, from Texas, is the only Republican member representing a district along the southern border
2020 presidential campaign brings field of womenThere's no "women's lane" in 2020, a year that could see as many as five women running in the Democratic primary
McConnell takes back seat in shutdown negotiationsThe Senate majority leader is deferring to President Trump, as the longest shutdown on record drags on
Texas GOP Rep. Will Hurd: Border wall "least effective" for security, need technologyThe partial government shutdown is now in its 28th day – with no talks planned to break the stalemate over funding for a border wall. House Democrats have voted to reopen government agencies, but the president has said he won't open the government without wall money. A few House Republicans are backing the Democrats, including Rep. Will Hurd of Texas. He's the only GOP member representing a district along the southern border, and it happens to include more of the border than any other district. Hurd joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss why he opposes President Trump's proposal to build a wall.
A bipartisan immigration bill lawmakers think Trump might supportTwo Florida congressmen, one from each major party, have introduced a bill to grant Venezuelans in the U.S. Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
Obamacare premiums could increase slightly next yearA proposed rule change would result in a modest premium increase under the Affordable Care Act