A Selfie For The Road As NASA's Curiosity Moves Across MarsIt may be a bit much... but it seems now even the machines are taking selfies and NASA's Curiosity rover is no exception.
Apple's FaceTime Bug Allows Callers To Eavesdrop On You -- Even If You Didn't AnswerA newly discovered privacy bug in Apple's FaceTime software allows users to hear and see the person they are calling, without the recipient even picking up the call.
Divers Swim With Massive 20 Foot Great White Shark In 'Magical Encounter'A group of divers had what they describe as a "magical  encounter" with a 20 foot, 2.5 ton great white shark in the waters off of Oahu, Hawaii.
Yeah, It's Gone Too Far - YouTube Now Banning Dangerous Prank VideosYouTube is trying to prevent people from doing dangerous things. The video-sharing network is cracking down on harmful or dangerous pranks.
Home Items Are Getting Smarter And Creepier, Like It Or NotWith every additional smart device in your home, companies are able to gather more details about your daily life.
Apple's 'Darkest Day' Raises Doubts About iPhone's FutureAlthough Apple's iPhone has long wowed consumers and investors alike, the device that has served as a benchmark for mobile devices may be losing its luster.
NASA: Icy Object Past Pluto Looks Like Reddish SnowmanA NASA spacecraft, 4 billion miles from Earth, yielded its first close-up pictures Wednesday and they depict what looks like a reddish snowman.
Breaking Up (With Facebook) Is Hard To Do: Here's HowFor some Facebook users, the past two years of privacy scandals, Russian election manipulation, executive apologies and even disagreements with friends and relatives have become too much.