WATCH: Mom Whips Son With Belt After He Stole Her BMWA Texas mom is caught on camera whipping her 14-year-old with a belt after he apparently took her new BMW for a joyride.
House Ordered From Sears Catalog In 1920s Now 'Haunted,' Many BelieveAn abandoned house in a small town southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico, attracts people from across the region. Many think it's haunted.
Report: G-League To Offer 125K To Elite Prospects As Alternative To CollegeThe NBA's developmental league is set to begin offering "Select Contracts" to elite prospects beginning in summer of 2019.
Pillsbury Introducing 'Buddy The Elf' Sugar Cookies For Holiday SeasonIt's never too early to get in the holiday spirit. Or at least that's what Buddy The Elf would say.
Pizza Shop Makes Surprise Delivery To Terminally Ill Man 225 Miles AwaySteve's Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan, doesn't make deliveries -- usually. But special circumstances led to a very special exception this past weekend.
Bullets Fall Out Of Florida Man's Amazon PackageA Florida man who recently ordered some supplies on Amazon got a big surprise when the package arrived at his home.
Researchers Study Vaccine To Target Aggressive Form Of Breast CancerA team of researchers are studying a new anti-cancer vaccine that would help the body resist the return of an aggressive form of breast cancer.
'Vampire Burial' Site Discovered In ItalyArchaeologists have unearthed the remains of a child whom they believe was given a “vampire burial” to prevent the deceased from rising from the dead.