Show Segments

Sustainable LivingGary Cocke, from The University of Texas at Dallas, offers easy tips on ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
CompostingApproximately 30% of all waste currently going to the landfill could be composted.
Drive Clean TexasBy taking simple steps, you can reduce vehicle emissions and save money at the pump.
Wish-CyclingTwenty-five percent of what people drop in the recycle bin is actually trash.
Clean & LeanNew York Times bestselling author, Dr. Ian Smith, joins us to talk about his latest book, Clean & Lean: 30 Days, 30 Foods, a New You!
Clean & Lean - DietDr. Ian Smith explains intermittent fasting and how combining that with real, whole foods, helps you drop the pounds.
Clean & Lean - ExerciseDr. Ian Smith breaks down his customized exercise plans for all fitness levels, that he says, “will energize and accelerate your results."
Clean & Lean - SupportJoin Dr. Ian Smith online for personalized weight loss help.
What Is A Stroke?Neurointensivist, Dr. Ishwara Sankara, explains who is at risk of a stroke and what can be done to prevent it.
F.A.S.T.Learning the F.A.S.T. warning signs might just save you from dying from a stroke.
Surviving A StrokeWe sit down with survivor, Dr. Cortney Baker, to find out what life’s like after a stroke.
American Stroke AssociationThe American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association, is devoted to saving people from stroke.