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Cory Booker's campaign manager talks upcoming debateCory Booker's campaign manager, Addisu Demissie, spoke with CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns about what's next for the New Jersey Democrat's campaign. Demissie also discussed what viewers can expect to see from Booker at the next Democratic debate.
Courts fast-tracking hearings for "Remain in Mexico" policyUnder the policy, the U.S. government has returned tens of thousands of asylum-seeking migrants to Mexico — where the vast majority are unable to find lawyers
Trump says he will raise U.S. tariffs on Chinese goodsPresident Trump hit China with new tariffs as retaliation for tariffs China slapped on U.S. goods. The escalating trade war has Wall Street very worried. Weijia Jiang reports.
Trump hiking U.S. tariffs on $550 billion in Chinese importsConflict takes a dangerous new turn as the Trump administration and China exchange blows over trade
Ruth Bader Ginsburg completes radiation therapyThe radiation therapy was administered to treat a tumor on her pancreas
2020 Daily Trail Markers: Dems court powerful Nevada unionJoe Biden's campaign is accusing the Trump campaign of trying to poach its donors. Pete Buttigieg talked with CBS News about his mental health plan
Biden campaign accuses Trump campaign of poaching donorsA Google search for "donate Joe Biden" turns up a Donald Trump campaign contribution link at the top of the page
Steve King defends controversial abortion commentsKing came under fire last week for defending his "no exceptions" stance by asking whether there would be "any population of the world" left, if not for those born out of rape or incest
2020 Democrats hope powerful Nevada union can help serve them a winCandidates are courting a mammoth Las Vegas labor union that has played an important role in the caucus outcome in the past
Trump orders U.S. companies to seek "alternatives" to ChinaResponding to China tariffs, the president is leaning on American companies to make "your products in the USA"