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Trump blasts "globalism" in address to United Nations General Assembly -- live updatesThe president announced new sanctions against Venezuela, and national security adviser John Bolton told Iran there will be "hell to pay" if they cross the U.S. or her allies
Evangelical leaders push hard for Kavanaugh confirmation"Dr. Ford could be remembering something that did happen, but I'm very very skeptical of it"
Brett Kavanaugh developments - live updates: Trump calls allegations a Democratic "con game"The administation continues to defend Kavanaugh's character and record as he faces ongoing allegations of sexual assault
What's yogurt? Industry wants U.S. to loosen rulesClarity wanted on what can or can't be called yogurt. Don't laugh: It took more than a decade to define peanut butter
DNI Dan Coats warns China cyber activities target U.S. state, local governmentsChina exploits our transparency and open society," Coats said during remarks at The Citadel
Government could shut down on Friday, if Congress does not pass funding billPresident Trump has threatened to allow for a government shutdown if there is no funding for a border wall in spending bills
Kavanaugh defends himself in TV interview; Trump stands by himKavanaugh and his wife spoke in a TV interview with Fox News about sexual misconduct allegations
Major corporate brands push to boost voter turnout in NovemberApparel giant is holding voter registration drives in some stores and teaming with Rock the Vote to raise awareness
Ted Cruz confronted by Kavanaugh protesters at D.C. restaurantCruz and his wife Heidi were seen leaving the restaurant as protesters chanted "we believe survivors"
NBA, MLB, NFL franchises team up for "Rally the Vote" driveTeams are offering fans a platform to register starting Tuesday on the teams' mobile apps, websites and social media