More News For Seniors

Cursive Writing Connects Seniors With Elementary School StudentsWhat started off as a handwriting lesson has now turned into a friendship between a group of third graders and some seniors living at Presbyterian Village North in Dallas.
Meals On Wheels Could Soon Be Facing Funding CrisisThe White House released a preliminary budget plan, and it could lead to some major cuts for groups here in Texas. Meals on Wheels is among the groups that could soon face a funding crisis.
UTA Researchers Using Shakespeare & Robots To Help SeniorsResearchers at the UT Arlington Research Institute in Fort Worth are trying to figure out how high-tech robots can offer much needed therapy to an aging American population.
Games & Crafts May Safeguard Aging Brain & Keep Seniors EngagedSimple activities including web surfing, playing bridge and socializing can stave off mental decline, a new study said. "Being engaged mentally is good for brain health," one researcher added.
Communities Work To Become More Age-Friendly For ResidentsHundreds of communities around the world, both big and small, are working to make sure that people can live there from birth all the way into old age.
Survey Finds Older People Significantly Underrepresented In FilmOlder people are significantly underrepresented in movies, an analysis of top films has found. "Seniors," the report said, "are an endangered species in cinematic storytelling."
Handymen & Home Care Helps Seniors Trying To Age In PlaceResearchers said that an innovative program combining visits from occupational therapists and nurses with home fix-ups improved the ability for seniors to care for themselves in their homes.
Staying Cool: Fans Might Not Benefit Seniors In Extreme HeatA new experiment suggests that electric fans may make older adults hotter, not cooler, during triple-digit heat because they don't sweat as much.
Facing Rising Dental Costs, Senior Citizens Head To MexicoAbout 60 percent of Americans have dental insurance coverage. But, even so, the nation's older population has been largely left behind. Nearly 70 percent of seniors are not insured.
UTA Unveils Tech-Driven Apartment To Monitor Senior HealthThe Smart Care Apartment is a first of its kind project in Texas, and it could help senior citizens live longer and more independently in their own homes.