The Ones For Texas

North Texas Man To Donate Kidney To Stranger In Mississippi: 'I'm Honored'At any given time, tens of thousands of people in the U.S. are waiting for a kidney. Jon Seidl of Frisco says he has a reason to donate one of his.
Ones For Texas: Dallas ISD Teacher Uses Characters During Online InstructionA Dallas ISD teacher is teaching her second grade class while dressed up as different characters in order to bring lessons to life.
Ones For Texas: TCU Faculty Congratulates Class Of 2020The faculty at Texas Christian University gave a very special (and virtual) congratulations to the graduating class of 2020.
Ones For Texas: 14-Year-Old Girl Plays Harp For Neighborhood, Virtual Choir Concert In PlanoIn today's Ones For Texas, a 14-year-old girl in Rowlett is playing her harp right from her porch so her neighborhood could enjoy the soothing music.
Ones For Texas: Boy Scouts Build Bird Feeders For Local Nursing Home, Animals Explore Dallas ZooIn today's Ones For Texas, boy scouts in Fort Worth decided to build bird feeders for a local nursing home so residents could have some entertainment outside their windows.
Ones For Texas: Local Groups Use Horses, Animal Costumes To Cheer Up Residents At Assisted-Living FacilitiesTwo local groups used horses and animal costumes to cheer up residents at North Texas assisted-living facilities from outside their windows.
Ones For Texas: Fort Worth Residents Celebrate New Life With Drive-By Baby ShowerResidents celebrated new life during the coronavirus pandemic by surprising a Fort Worth couple with a drive-by baby shower.
Ones For Texas: Local Apartment Starts Food Pantry, Dallas Non-Profit Delivers 100,000 Meal Kits To People In NeedA McKinney apartment complex started a food pantry for its residents who need help, and Cafe Momentum in Dallas has now delivered over 100,000 meal kits to students and families in need.
Ones For Texas: Local Students Make Sure Prom Queen Gets Crown After Cancellation Of EventStudents from Highland Park High School wanted to make sure their prom queen still got her crown as they held a special event from their neighborhood.