Photo Credit: Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World
1058 Park Road 59, Glen Rose, Texas
Hours: Open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. except Christmas day and Thanksgiving day Ages 13-60: $12.75 + tax
Ages 3-12: $9.75 + tax
Seniors (60+): $10.75 + tax

About an hour drive southwest of DFW, you’ll find the town of Glen Rose, home to dinosaur and fossil themed attractions, including Dinosaur World. If you or your children have ever wondered what it would be like to take a hike and run into a dinosaur, this is the place to visit. It’s home to over 150 life sized dinosaurs, displayed as they would likely be in nature during their time on earth. That means you can take a walk and run into a towering Brachiosaurus around one turn and a stout Triceratops around the next. Each dinosaur is displayed with informative signs, making your walk through Dinosaur World not only exhilarating, but educational, too.

Photo Credit: Dinosaur World

Take a Hike!
Be sure to pack plenty of water and some trail snacks. Then grab your map when you arrive, get your cameras and maybe even your binoculars ready, and take off on a dinosaur adventure. With over 150 life-sized dinosaurs to find, the whole family is sure to be entertained and excited to keep moving and discovering more. 

Calling All Future Archaeologists!

Photo Credit: Dinosaur World

Take a break and step into the shade to dig up some fossils. The cost of the fossil dig is included in all children’s tickets (and costs $2 extra for anyone else). Kids aren’t going to just be sifting around in sand for chicken bones. They will actually have the chance to uncover amber, sharks teeth and trilobites, along with other authentic fossils.

Get A Look At The Real Thing

After seeing what dinosaurs looked like back then, take a stroll through the museum to see what remains today, from raptor claws to dinosaur eggs.

Sink Your Teeth Into Lunch

There is no food service at Dinosaur World, so they encourage you to bring your own picnic and take advantage of the many shaded picnic tables available. You can even have pizza delivered to the park.

Bring Fido

Want to get the family dog in on some vacation action this summer? Leashed, friendly pets are always welcome and always free.

These Dinos are Green

One final neat tidbit about Dinosaur World: The Texas location works with Reliant Energy to use wind power from wind farms in Texas to help power their operations.

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  1. Crystal & Co says:

    This is such a great place. We took our family back over spring break.

    Loved the trails, the playground, the shop and the dino dig!

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