LaGrave, Fort Worth Cats

The Fort Worth Cats in action at Fort Worth's LaGrave Field

LaGrave Field

301 NE 6th Street
Fort Worth
(817) 332-CATS

LaGrave Field has gone through many incarnations in its history between the Trinity River and Fort Worth’s Main Street.

The home of the Fort Worth Cats baseball club, LaGrave Field has been back since 2002.  Orginally opened in 1926, the stadium hosted the Cats of the Texas League for a number of years before Rangers came to town.

Being a stadium as old as it is, LaGrave Field has charms not found at some more modern parks, including the original dugouts from when the park hosted such Cats players as Maury Wills, Duke Snider and Bobby Bragan.  Groups of 10 can rent the dugouts, now called field suites, to catch the action at field level.  You can even chat with coaches and players between innings.

The stadium has roughly 5,000 seats, and with a large awning over the seats, the shade provides a cool respite from the summer heat.

LaGrave Field has two fixed concession stands, one each near the foul poles.  Both offer typical ballpark fare, but the third base stand (built to be an inside-the-park Kincaid’s Hamburgers) offers quite possibly the best vegetarian burger in Fort Worth (strange for how close it is to the Stockyards, but it’s good eating).

LaGrave’s left field is bordered by the Trinity Trail, so it is very common to see a few people on horseback ride up and catch an inning or two.  Bicyclists, runners and even kids trying to catch a foul ball can be seen sitting at the top of the trail during the game.

If you want to keep close attention to the game, you will have to check out the manual scoreboard in center field.  Run by a man everyone agrees it the number one Cats fan, the scoreboard is almost as entertaining as the game itself.  When a Cats player scores, a bell that was located in the original stadium is rung to let everyone nearby know.

  1. Tom says:

    There is no better place to be on a late spring or summer evening than at La Grave Field rooting for our Fort Worth Cats! It is surprisingly great baseball and a great fun for the family event! Okay, some things may seem a little hokey to the big league fans, but this is baseball as it was meant to be played and, most of all it’s fun! The stadium is small and intimate and it’s only a short walk to the concessions or restrooms. Prices are really good and so is the atmosphere!
    There just isn’t any other place in Fort Worth (or the DFW area, for that matter) where you can have this much fun with your clothes on!

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