Cristin Severance

Cristin Severance

Cristin Severance is CBS 11’s Consumer Justice Investigator. She is a seven-time Emmy Award winner who is passionate about creating change in the community, righting wrongs and protecting consumers. Her reports alert CBS 11 viewers to scams, recalls and rip-offs.

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Cristin joins CBS 11 after several years as the “Troubleshooter” at KGTV in San Diego, where she built a reputation for getting results through her consumer investigations. Two of the most notable stories she reported there garnered Cristin her sixth and seventh regional Emmy Awards.

Cristin held government officials accountable when firefighters didn’t have the right equipment to access fire hydrants in one Southern California community during a massive wildfire. Cristin uncovered this was a known issue — ignored by officials for 30 years. Her investigation led to all of the hydrants being replaced. Cristin also caught one of the largest malls in Southern California lying to consumers about their recycling practices. Her investigation led to changes which ensured that nine tons of waste per week were properly recycled.

Prior to joining KGTV, Cristin was a reporter for the Ohio News Network at WEWS in Cleveland. While there, she made several investigations into the illegal activities at Ohio massage parlors. The parlors were raided by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and shut down. She was also honored with an Emmy Award for her investigation into the wrongful conviction of Head Start bus driver Nancy Smith, who spent 15 years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

Cristin was also previously a reporter at WINK-TV in Fort Myers, Florida; an anchor/reporter at WKBN in Youngstown, Ohio and an anchor/reporter at WDTV in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Cristin graduated cum laude from West Virginia University and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She enjoys running, traveling and exploring North Texas with her husband, CBS 11 News anchor/reporter Dan Haggerty.

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GPISD Hints At Future Of Controversial Rental Home

Thursday night, the school board approved eliminating two provisions from Hull’s contract to allow her to move out of the home and out of the district.


GPISD Superintendent Moving Out Of District-Owned House

Grand Prairie ISD Superintendent Susan Hull is not just leaving the district-owned home, but she’s moving out of the school district.


GPISD Superintendent May Move Out Of Home And District

A memo from GPISD school board president Burke Hall recommends deleting two items from Hull’s contract.


Consumer Justice Fights For Full Report On Spending At Grand Prairie ISD

The 2018-19 school year is about to begin, but huge questions loom over how millions of dollars were spent in the last few years.


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A family-owned business is caught in a desperate battle to survive after being trapped by a massive TxDOT construction project.


Consumer Justice For Neighborhood Dealing With Big Rigs

A Fort Worth Police spokesperson told Consumer Justice the construction company is putting up temporary barriers and is planning to replace the fence within the next week.


Big Rigs Cause Big Headaches: ‘This Is My Backyard, This Is Not A Parking Lot’

Leslie Cavanaugh says the problem started a few months ago when the city of Fort Worth began widening Garden Acres Drive.


North Texas State Rep. Pushes Paid Leave For Workers

State Representative Nicole Collier plans to file a bill that would let millions of Texans earn paid days off, when they need to take a day off.


(Photo Credit: David Ryder/Getty Images)

Consumer Justice Reporter’s Amazon Account Hacked, Fake 5-Star Reviews Left

She’s usually getting other people consumer justice, but CBS11’s Cristin Severance recently needed help herself.


Generous Stranger Pays For North Texan’s Surgery

A widower paid for the entire procedure, which cost approximately $4,000. Amy Boykin said, “There really aren’t words for what he’s done for me.”


Serial Squatter Racks Up More Evictions And Charges

Heather Schwab is one-half of the couple dubbed the “serial squatters” by attorneys in North Texas.


Thousands Want SAT Rescored After Lower-Than-Normal Results

Thousands of students and parents in North Texas and across the country are demanding a rescore of the June SAT, saying the company that gave the test scored them unfairly.


Consumer Justice: ‘Serial Squatting’ Could Soon Be Against The Law

Eviction laws in Texas may soon change after a Consumer Justice investigation into “serial squatters.”


Help On Way To North Texas Woman Living With Tube In Her Back

After our report on Boykin on Friday, July 6, several viewers emailed CBS11 offering to help pay to have the tube surgically removed.


Woman Lives With Tube Protruding From Her Back

It all started in June, when Amy Boykin was diagnosed with a kidney stone.


The Big Hotel Booking Sites Don’t Always Offer The Best Deals

The biggest names in the hotel booking business may not offer the best deals. They promise the best deal or the deepest discount, but the competition may just be a smokescreen.

CBS 11–07/05/2018

North Texan Gets Consumer Justice After Receiving $600 Atmos Energy Bill

According to Atmos Energy, Michelle Washington’s usage had increased 2,885 percent.


Consumer Justice Helps Couple Fighting For Man’s Sight

When this North Texan’s insurance wouldn’t help him pay for his much-needed medication, he called for Consumer Justice.


Fake License Plates Mean Free Rides For Hundreds Of North Texans

Scammers take the toll roads for free while others get the bills. When it happened to Montgomery Moore, he called for Consumer Justice.


Consumer Justice Helps Couple Wrongly Billed By AT&T

An Argyle couple says they are through with AT&T after months of fighting over inaccurate charges.


North Texas ‘Serial Squatters’ Both Behind Bars In Colorado

An investigation last November showed how William and Heather Schwab moved from home to home, lying on applications and then refusing to pay rent. Now, they are both behind bars.


File photo of a person holding money. (Photo by JUAN BARRETO/AFP/Getty Images)

Lottery Scammers Bilked Americans Out Of $100M In 2017

According to a new report by the Better Business Bureau, lottery scammers stole more than $100 million from Americans last year alone.


‘Hostage’ Moving Company Warehouse Cleared Out

Presidential Movers is accused of giving customers quotes, then demanding more money after the items are loaded onto the truck.


Insurer Won’t Cover Out-Of-Network ER Bills For Non-Emergency Visits

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is calling it a change in the way it reviews out-of-network ER bills of its members. But some doctors say the insurance giant wants its members to be diagnosticians.


Report: Taxpayer Money Spent On Superintendent Home Renovations Without Board Approval

The investigation began after questions were raised about the superintendent’s home, which is owned by Grand Prairie ISD.


Grand Prairie ISD Board Clashes Over ‘Heavily-Redacted’ Report On Superintendent

The school board voted to release ten pages of a report, but one board member said it’s not nearly enough.


Grand Prairie ISD Expected To Release Investigation Findings

Consumer Justice has learned that Grand Prairie ISD is preparing to release the results of a months-long investigation into questionable spending of district money.


New Questions About Investigation Into Grand Prairie Spending

A Consumer Justice investigation into the perks paid to local superintendents has led to questions about another investigation at Grand Prairie ISD.


Millions Spent On School District Leadership Teams

After a Consumer Justice investigation into the perks found in superintendent salaries, many viewers wanted to know if other administrators were receiving the same bonuses. While they don’t get the perks, they do get six-figure salaries.


Pricey Perks For North Texas Superintendents

Superintendent salaries in North Texas are some of the highest in the state — and that’s not including the perks for cars, phones and housing added to contracts.


Serial Squatters Strike Again

A couple dubbed the “serial squatters” is racking up more evictions, this time in Colorado.


Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Under Fire – Again

Customers say a Dallas-based dating company conned them into pricey contracts, then failed to deliver on promises. It’s a company Consumer Justice has investigated before. 


Texas Mental Health Counselors Waiting Months To Be Licensed

From a lack of access to treatment to a shortage of beds at state hospitals, advocates say there’s a major mental health crisis in Texas. But Consumer Justice found thousands of qualified people who want to help, can’t.


Railroad Commissioner Responds To Dallas Mayor’s Comments

Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton says he “takes exception” to Mayor Mike Rawlings’ comments at this week’s Dallas City Council meeting.


Atmos Energy Will No Longer Estimate Winter Bills After Consumer Justice Investigation

The CEO of Atmos Energy says the company will not estimate bills next winter, because it “didn’t work” this past winter.


Hundreds Of North Texans React To High Atmos Energy Bills

Hundreds of North Texas are weighing in after CBS 11’s Consumer Justice investigation into high Atmos Energy bills.


Consumer Justice Looks Into Skyrocketing Atmos Bills

Homeowners across North Texas say their recent natural gas bills have spiked even though their usage has remained the same, or even decreased.


Tenants Face Eviction After Rent Money Stolen From Complex

According to tenants and a Fort Worth police report, someone broke into the overnight deposit box at Chisholm Trail Townhomes and stole the checks and money orders.


Task Force Busting Fake License Plates Back On The Road

Law enforcement officials say 90 percent of the paper license plates you see on the road are fake.


Still “Like” Facebook? Protect Your Privacy With These Tips

Regulators and politicians are demanding more answers on Facebook’s privacy practices. This, after a fallout from the social media giant’s relationship with a political data firm Cambridge Analytica.