J.D. Miles

J.D. Miles

J.D. is an award-winning reporter who has been covering North Texas for CBS 11 since 1996. He began his career in Longview and also worked as a reporter in Johnson City, Tennessee and Tulsa, Oklahoma. But he’s a native Texan who was born in Dallas and raised in Plano. He attended Plano Senior High School and SMU, where he found his passion for journalism and decided to pursue a career in TV news.

J.D. has reported from all over the world including the Middle East, Europe and Canada. He has also covered Texas from the Gulf Coast to the Panhandle. You’ll see J.D. at the scene of many of the most important stories affecting North Texans. Some of his most memorable recent experiences include being knocked down by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, dodging wildfires in West Texas in 2006 and wading through floodwaters in North Texas in 2007, all while meeting some extraordinary people along the way.

When he’s not on air, J.D. is a competitive tennis player, and you’ll usually find him practicing on a court or playing in a local tournament. He currently covers the Dallas Police Department for CBS 11 and is always on the lookout for the next big story!

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Texas Entrepreneurs Invest In CBD Oil Despite Legal Questions

They are three of the most popular letters in business right now. C-B-D.


New North Texas Entertainment Venue Accused Of Racist Policies

The lease says, “A tenant shall not permit two(2) “hip-hop or Tejano”or ” rap” music formatted songs to be played back to back.”


North Texas Croatian Community Met World Cup Players Months Ago

The team enjoyed barbecue in the backyard of a McKinney resident before the attended a Mavericks game.


Battle Over Term Limits In Arlington Gets Physical

A police report and a confrontation caught on video show just how tense this campaign is getting between those who support term limits and those opposed to them.


Youth Football Coach Arrested After Police Say He Was Panhandling With Team

Police said they found an outstanding warrant on coach Michael White and arrested him on the spot.


Dallas Officers’ Home Burns Down During Family Vacation

Tony and Michelle Weisskopf are Dallas Police detectives who have two children. They will have to buy or build a new house.


More Than 1 Million Gallons Of Sewage Likely Won’t End Up In White Rock Lake

The North Texas Municipal Water District said Thursday experts are still evaluating how far sewage from a leak in Plano Wednesday has traveled.


Can A New Frisco Mall Thrive In Online Shopping Age?

Soon a property off Highway 380 and the Dallas North Tollway could be where the American mall is reborn.


Man Arrested For Recording, Sexually Assaulting Women In Public: ‘Y’all Got Me, My Problem, I Like Taking Pictures’

Plano Police say Treshawn Robinson, 23, was hiding in the bushes near an apartment pool recording 16-year-old girls when he was arrested.


Wait Is Over For Improved Officers’ Waiting Room At Courthouse

A truck full of new sofas, chairs and tables were unloaded at the Dallas County Courthouse Tuesday morning.


Beating Victim’s Mother: ‘Where Was Mall Security?’

New videos obtained by CBS11 show the vicious beating of a teenager over the weekend inside a Frisco shopping mall.


Woman Dressed As Caregiver Wanted For Stealing From Senior Citizens

The surveillance images released by police show the suspect walking out of a Target after using a credit card stolen from an 85-year-old Alma Bates.