Speed Of Texas Abortion Cases Has Few High Court PrecedentsIn only a handful of cases has the Supreme Court moved as quickly as it is in the fight over the Texas law that bans most abortions.
Oklahoma Supreme Court Blocks 3 New Anti-Abortion LawsIn a 5-3 ruling on Monday, the court granted a temporary injunction that keeps the laws from taking effect.
Texas Clinics Cancel Abortions After Court Reinstates BanTexas abortion clinics are canceling appointments they had booked during a 48-hour reprieve from the nation’s most restrictive abortion law.
The Top Cases Waiting As The United States Supreme Court's New Term Begins October 4Abortion, guns, religion and a campaign finance challenge by a Texan top the Supreme Court term that begins Monday.
State Sen. Bryan Hughes Defends Texas Abortion Law He Authored As Legal Challenges MountSen. Hughes explained why he believes in the legislation and also why there was no carve-out for a mother who may have been the victim of rape or incest.
North Texas Woman Whose Unborn Child Could Not Be Saved Shares Personal Abortion StoryHaylie Grammer said her decision to have a C-section, knowing there would be no medical intervention, meant it would be considered an abortion.
Florida Lawmaker Introduces Bill Similar To Texas Abortion LawA Republican lawmaker in Florida has proposed a bill, similar to a new Texas law, that would prevent physicians from performing most abortions after approximately six weeks of pregnancy.
Governor Greg Abbott Signs Texas Senate Bill 4 Tightening Restrictions On Abortion-Inducing Drug AvailabilityAfter enacting what is the most restrictive abortion ban law in the country, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has also signed a bill making it harder to obtain abortion-inducing drugs in the state.
Cecile Richards: Supreme Court's Inaction On Texas Abortion Law Could Mean End Of RoeFormer Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is warning that the Supreme Court’s recent inaction on Texas’ new abortion law could signal the end of judicial checks and balances on the issue.
Portland Walks Back Plan To Boycott Texas Over Abortion LawInstead, city officials are considering setting aside $200,000 that will go to organizations “that deliver programs and services related to reproductive healthcare."
Could Texas Abortion Ban Strategy Be A Double-Edged Sword?The legal strategy used to ban most abortions in Texas is increasingly being employed in Republican-led states to target pornography, LGBT rights and other hot-button cultural issues.