North Texas Allergy Season Collides With CoronavirusAn allergist with Texas Health Dallas said they’ve had virtual visits with patients who are having trouble discerning allergy symptoms versus something more serious.
CDC Announces Additional Coronavirus Symptoms All Too Familiar To North TexansHeadaches, sore throat and loss of smell. The new guidance was a little unnerving for some allergy sufferers in North Texas.
Allergies Or Coronavirus? Local Doctor Shares Distinguishing FactorsDr. Vaidya said while coughing and shortness soft breath are common to both conditions, fever is a distinguishing factor.
'At Home' Allergy Shots A New Option For Some Dealing With Sniffling, Sneezing, MiseryNot every allergy patient is a candidate for the at-home immunotherapy, but Dr. Margaret Holland says she likes what she's seeing.​
Got Allergies? North Texas Doctor Tells Patients To Be Proactive This SummerFall allergens don't care that the weather is still stifling hot, the ragweed is arriving already — and so are the symptoms.
Roller Coaster Temperatures Doing A Number On North Texas Allergy SufferersA North Texas allergy expert say we can thank the constant rise and drop in temperatures across North Texas lately for the ongoing and fierce allergies many people are suffering.
Feel Extra Sneezy Today? Mountain Cedar Pollen Count At Highest Level This SeasonTuesday’s mountain cedar pollen count is the highest we’ve seen so far this season in North Texas.
EpiPen Shortage Keeping Some Kids Out Of SchoolThe U.S. is experiencing an EpiPen shortage and parents are scrambling because some schools won't let kids with allergies in the classroom if they don't have one.
FDA Clears Generic Rival To High-Priced EpiPenThe Food and Drug Administration on Thursday cleared Teva Pharmaceutical Industries to start selling generic versions EpiPen and EpiPen Jr., years after the Israeli drugmaker requested it.
When It's More Than Severe Allergies; Raising Awareness For 'Most Common, Uncommon Disease'CVID impairs the immune system, leaving patients with fewer antibodies to fight infection.
Saharan Dust Travels Thousands Of Miles To Blanket Dallas SkylineA thick haze hung over the metro area and beyond all weekend - a phenomenon called Saharan dust. It’s dust from North Africa, more than 5,000 miles across the globe.