High Fuel Costs Force American Airlines To Reduce ForecastAmerican Airlines reported Thursday that second-quarter profit plunged 34.5 percent on higher fuel costs, and it reduced its forecast for full-year earnings.
NAACP Lifts Travel Advisory Against American AirlinesThe NAACP is lifting its travel advisory against American Airlines, saying that the company is making improvements to address worries about discrimination and unsafe conditions.
US Watchdog Criticizes FAA Oversight Of American AirlinesA government watchdog says a federal inspector overseeing American Airlines was too cozy with the carrier.
Plastic Straw Bans Upsetting People With DisabilitiesPeople with disabilities fear that growing efforts to ban plastic straws will limit accessibility at restaurants, on airplanes and at other service establishments.
American Airlines Latest Company Getting Rid Of Plastic StrawsAmerican Airlines says it will stop using plastic straws and drink stirs and replace them with biodegradable alternatives.
Children Hurting At Border And In Our Own BackyardsThe image of a crying child — captured by photographer John Moore — seems to have pushed the nation’s conscience a tear too far. Others of children in cages and tent cities have moved many Americans to outrage and now — action.
Where Do Kids Split From Parents At The Border Go?The Trump administration has not figured out a way to reunite families separated by a new zero-tolerance policy enacted this year that's resulted in more than 2,000 kids being taken from their parents.
CEOs Of AA And United Airlines Want No Part Of 'Zero-Tolerance' Immigration PolicyThe CEOs of American Airlines and United Airlines say they have asked the Trump administration not to put migrant children who have been separated from their parents on their flights.