100+ Texas Pets Go On Flight Of Their Lives In Relocation ProgramThis morning the Humane Society of North Texas made room at animal shelters here by loading more than 100 pets onto a plane for the flight of their lives!
Free! Dallas Zoo Gathers Backpacks For Schools And Gives Away Lifetime MembershipsThe Dallas Zoo is helping families get “Back in the Swing of Things” with its school supplies drive on Aug. 18 and 19.
FDA Says Pet Owners Are Using Animals To Get OpioidsThe FDA has raised alarm about one way that people might access opioids to misuse and abuse. Some pet owners could be stealing pain medications which are intended for their furry friends.
Texas A&M Student Takes Graduation Photos With AlligatorA soon-to-be Texas A&M University graduate took her senior portraits in a swamp with a nearly 14-foot alligator. This is how she spent her summer, she explained.
Kids Dining Out: 100+ Goats Invade, Chow Down On Lawns In IdahoIt was a daring escape... okay, not really. But more than 100 goats did break through a fence, make their way to a residential neighborhood and munch down on the manicured lawns in the area.
Rare Twin Red Pandas Born At Upstate New York ZooToo cute! Some rare twin red pandas were born earlier this summer at a zoo in upstate New York. Red pandas are typically found in Asia, and are an endangered species.
Texas Man Who Took Shark Says He's "Activist, Not A Criminal"The man accused of swiping a shark from a San Antonio aquarium said that he did so because he was concerned about the creature's well-being, and was trying to save the animal.
Lost Goose Follows Michigan Police Officer Back To ParkA police officer in Michigan had to play Mama Bird with a lost goose last week. The Escanaba Department of Public Safety posted the adorable video on their Facebook page on Tuesday.