Strip Club Shooter Rene Carrillo Cuts Ankle Monitor, Jumps Bail During Dallas Murder TrialA convicted felon in Texas is on the run. Rene Adrian Carrillo cut off his ankle monitor and took off before being convicted of a 2017 murder outside a Dallas strip club.
'Affluenza Teen' Ethan Couch Has Ankle Monitor RemovedAccording to Tarrant County court documents, the monitor was removed Monday, almost one year after Couch was released from jail.
Teen Aggravated Robbery Suspect Who Cut Off Ankle Monitor Back Behind Bars In North TexasBryan Arriaga, 19, managed to cut off his ankle monitor during a break his trial in the 432nd District Court last week.
Lawyers: Immigrant Mothers In Texas Coerced To Wear Ankle MonitorsLawyers representing immigrant mothers held in a South Texas detention center say the women have been denied counsel and coerced into accepting ankle-monitoring bracelets as a condition of release.
Texas Most Wanted Sex Offender Caught In OklahomaA Texas top 10 most wanted sex offender has been caught, days after he cut his ankle bracelet and ran away from a Dallas halfway house.
Ankle Monitor On Suspect Help Sheriff’s Catch Alleged Truck ThiefThis is not a story about a smart accused thief. It is however a story about smart technology and a good old-fashioned Texas manhunt… or in this case 'womanhunt.'
Cowboys Player Josh Brent Out Of JailCowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent was released from jail on Sunday following a court order.
Dallas County Says Ankle Monitors Are Economic, EffectiveDallas County's Department of Justice director is defending ankle monitors, saying few clients tamper with them and it saves the county up to $125,000.
Accused Attacker's Ankle Monitor Goes Dark For 6 HoursMaria Escamilla says she's endured more than 500 stitches and suffered through four surgeries. Her accused attacker has to wear an ankle monitor, but last week it briefly went dark.