Bat Signal: Lighting Bugs' Glow Tells Bats They Taste TerribleFireflies flash not just for sex, but survival, a new study suggests.
Video: Bats Cling To Wall Outside Office Window In HoustonBats are known find shelter in caves, crevices, tree cavities and buildings.
Workers Look Out To Wall Of Bats On Texas High-RiseA wall of bats paid what has become an annual visit to a high-rise office building in Texas.
Bat-Killing Fungus Found In TexasThe fungus has been detected in samples taken from three bat species in six West Texas counties — Childress, Collingsworth, Cottle, Hardeman, King and Scurry.
Top 5 Surprising Ways To Keep Mosquitoes AwayThe tried and true tips involving the four "D"s aren’t the only tactics that work.
Bats Close East Texas Emergency Room To AmbulancesAn East Texas emergency room has been closed after bats began to spread through the building.
Big Effort To Better Understand Bats Takes Wing In Texas, 30 Other StatesAn effort spanning Texas, 30 other states and 10 Canadian provinces has been working to better understand the ecological role that bats play, and the threats they face from climate change, habitat loss and wind energy development.
Boyscout Builds Bat Houses To Prevent Spread Of West NileJohn Flaherty, 16, of Irving is on a quest to bring thousands of bats to Irving.
Bats Find New Home Near Kyle FieldMexican free-tailed bats kicked out of Texas A&M University's Kyle Field have found a new home across the street.
Texas A&M Works To Rid Kyle Field Of BatsOfficials with Texas A&M are optimistic that efforts to rid Kyle Field of 250,000 Mexican free-tail bats will be successful, and fans will see far less of the animals next season.
Neighborhood Abuzz, Bat Houses Keeping Mosquitoes AwayHomeowners have started using an unconventional method to keep pesky mosquitoes from buzzing around.