Hawaii's Big Island Readies As Hurricane Hector ApproachesHawaii emergency officials who have been contending with Kilauea volcano's lava flow were preparing for a hurricane that was expected to pass to the south of the islands this week.
New Lava Island Forms Off Coast Of Big Island in HawaiiScientists say the island is located a few meters offshore and is about 20 to 30 feet in diameter.
New Hawaiian Coastline Created by LavaGeologists say the ongoing eruptions have pumped out enough lava to fill more than 45,000 Olympic-sized pools and cover Manhattan in 6 and a half feet of lava.
Hawaii Volcano Lava Destroys Hundreds Of Homes OvernightLava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano destroyed hundreds more homes overnight, overtaking two oceanfront communities that were advised to evacuate last week, officials said Tuesday.
Hawaii Mayor Says You're On Your Own If You Don't EvacuateMagma from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano forced evacuations as emergency responders worry residents could be painted into a corner on the east side of the Big Island.
Noisy Hawaii Volcano Lava Fissure Spurs More EvacuationsA new fissure emitting steam and lava spatter spurred Hawaii officials to call for more evacuations on Sunday as residents braced for an expected eruption from the Kilauea volcano.
Video: Hawaii Lava Destroys Car; Property On Big IslandIn the video, a lava flow can be seen slowly creeping across the roadway towards a white Ford Mustang. The flow eventually reaches and ignites the vehicle.
Quakes, Lava And Gas: Hawaii Residents Flee Volcanic ThreatsOfficials ordered more than 1,700 people out of Big Island neighborhoods near Kilauea volcano's newest lava flow.
Hawaii Volcano Eruption & Lava Flow Forces 1,500 From HomesNearly 1,500 residents were ordered to evacuate their homes after Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano erupted sending molten lava through forest land and onto paved streets.
NASA Study In Hawaii Paving Way For Human Travel To MarsA group of NASA-funded researchers are poised to enter an isolated geodesic dome on a remote Hawaii volcano to study human behavior in long-term space exploration, including a planned voyage to Mars.
Hurricane Churns Toward Hawaii; People Stock Up, Board UpPreparing for what could be the first hurricane to make landfall in Hawaii in years, residents on the Big Island are stocking up on food and water and seeking shelter for their animals.