Rattlesnake Hiding In Toddler's Toys Bites ChildA toddler rummaging through his toys was bitten by a baby rattlesnake, according to KTAB/KRBC.
Severed Rattlesnake Head Bites Texas Man Who Decapitated ItA South Texas man nearly died after he bent down to collect the snake he had decapitated moments earlier in his yard and the severed head bit him on the hand.
Snake Bites Florida Man Who Tries To Kiss ItAuthorities say a Florida man leaned in to kiss a rattlesnake - but got bitten instead.
Woman Bites, Slaps Dallas Police OfficerA 22-year-old woman who was being taken into custody for outstanding warrants slapped and bit an arresting Dallas officer, police say.
Denton Sprays for Mosquitoes Near Zika Patient's HomeThe City of Denton targeted the yards of 22 homes to spray where mosquitoes could breed after a resident returned from Puerto Rico with the Zika virus.
Tiger Bites, Kills Florida ZookeeperA zoo employee has died after getting bitten by a tiger at the Palm Beach Zoo Friday afternoon. It's the first death by an animal in the history of the zoo.
Texas Could Take Stance Against Disputed Bite Mark EvidenceCritics of bite mark evidence say Texas could be on the brink of taking a stance that would likely reverberate in courtrooms across the U.S.
Boy, Father Bit By Alligator At South Texas LakeA man and his teenage son have survived an alligator attack at Cedar Hill Park outside Houston.
Dallas Woman Survives Shark Bite, Hopes To Inspire OthersA Dallas woman hopes her story of survival inspires others.
Four-Year-Old Girl Survives Rattlesnake AttackA 4-year-old girl is recovering after a rattlesnake bit her twice, once on the arm and again on her right hand.
First Case Of West Nile Reported In TexasTexas has it's first case of West Nile this season.