Denton Considers Repealing Unenforceable Fracking BanThe Denton city council will consider repealing its fracking ban Tuesday evening now that a new Texas law makes the ban unenforceable.
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Plano Police Help Make Homes Harder To Break IntoA recent string of home burglaries has many Plano residents calling on police to make a house call.
NTTA Using New Salt Solution To Prep Potential Icy RoadsNorth Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) crews pre-treated the bridges and overpasses Wednesday with a new brine solution.
Ban On Carry-On Luggage Being 'Discussed'The U.S. Transportation Security Administration is considering an all out ban on traveler’s carry-on luggage.
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Ebola Robot Wipes Out Virus On Any SurfaceMore than 250 hospitals across the country are already using the robot including the Texas Health Resource hospitals and UT Southwestern Medical Center.
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