7 Simple Tricks To Beat Jet LagNo matter how seasoned you are as a traveler, you will get jet lag. Though jet lag can't be avoided, it can be minimized on your next vacation with these seven tips.
DFW Doctor Talks Halloween Candy & CaffeineDr. Crystal Foster talks about the latest medical headlines including Halloween candy tips and guidelines for caffeinated drinks.
Hamilton Returns To Rangers Lineup Hamilton saw an optometrist Monday and was diagnosed with ocular keratitis, a drying of the cornea caused by too much caffeine and energy drinks.
Coffee May Ease Parkinson's Disease SymptomsShould doctors start prescribing coffee? In the latest study to tie coffee to health benefits, new research finds a daily caffeine boost may ease symptoms of Parkinson's disease in sufferers.
Study Says Caffeine Cuts Skin Cancer RiskTo protect against skin cancer, doctors typically recommend smart sun habits like wearing sunscreen or staying indoors. A new study might add drinking coffee to the mix.
FDA Issues Warning To Inhalable Caffeine MakerFDA officials have issued a warning letter to the makers of an inhalable caffeine product, saying they have questions about its safety and concerns about how children and adolescents may use it.
Doctor Talks Sitting, Hepatitis C & Inhalable CaffeineA local doctor chats with CBS 11 News about the dangers of sitting, an increase in Hepatitis C cases and a controversial inhalable caffeine.
FDA Plans To Review AeroShot Inhalable CaffeineThe FDA plans to investigate whether inhalable caffeine, sold in lipstick sized canisters, is safe for consumers and is actually a dietary supplement.
Arlington Store Clerk Accused Of Selling Alcohol To MinorA store clerk has been released from jail after being accused of selling alcohol to a minor.
Makers Pulling Caffeine From Four LokoThe makers of the caffeinated alcoholic drink Four Loko said they will remove caffeine from the product.