Suspect In Murder Of Bush’s Former Doctor Told Friend He Has A Hit ListA former friend of a doctor who once treated former president George. H.W. Bush said he believes the man suspected of killing the cardiologist has a hit list and may be hunting his next victim.
Texas Police Release New Video Of Suspect In Doctor SlayingHouston police have released new surveillance video of a suspect in the killing of a cardiologist who once treated former President George H.W. Bush.
Family, Friends Fondly Recall Texas Doctor Shot While On BikeFriends, family and patients say they can't imagine that anyone would want to hurt Dr. Mark Hausknecht, who once treated former President George H.W. Bush.
Police Release Sketch Of Suspect In Killing Of Bush’s Former DoctorAuthorities in Houston have released a composite sketch of the man suspected of fatally shooting a cardiologist who once treated former President George H.W. Bush.
Medical Technology Giving Heart Patients Gift Of TimeDoctors say the LVAD doesn't replace the heart but, it does help the left ventricle function more effectively: proving life-saving and life changing for patients.
Stents May Not Help Treat Clogged Kidney Arteries New research raises serious questions about a very common medical procedure — placing a stent to prop open a narrowed kidney artery.
Doctors, Veterinarians Explore Shared Medical ProblemsWhat do Siberian tigers and post-menopausal women have in common? That is among the questions related to fighting diseases that affect both animals and people that physicians and veterinarians are teaming up to explore.
President Bush's Heart Scare A Reminder For Women As WellHeart disease is the number of killer of women in the U.S., responsible for one in every four deaths.
Even Fit Baby Boomers Won't Escape Heart ProblemsHere's a reality check for health-conscious baby boomers: Even among those in good shape, at least 1 in 3 will eventually develop heart problems or have a stroke.
Fort Worth Man Thrown A Rope Thanks To LifeVestDavid Torres says he was on the brink of death three times last year.
Family Shares Common Bond Over DefibrillatorsA 12-year-old Keller Middle School student who, suffered a heart attack, has an internal defibrillator now, but his mother may have saved his life by performing CPR.