Three Master’s Degrees Helped Dallas Doctor Advance Quickly"Many people believe that pursuing advanced degrees will help them discover their passions and interests. But I believe that it should be the other way around - you should pursue a master’s degree if you want to fine-tune your experience in the field of study you’re in."
Jobs In Criminal Justice Are On The Rise In DallasKeeping citizens in the Metroplex safe is of utmost importance to city leaders. As the Metroplex continues to grow at a rate higher than the national average, jobs in criminal justice and security are also on the rise.
Going Back To School Launched A New Career For Non-Profit CounselorJanet Anselmo-Henson worked in criminal justice managing six different chemical dependency treatment programs. After 20 years in that field, she decided to go back to school and earn a master’s degree in community counseling from Argosy University.
Entrepreneur Says Master’s Degree Can Launch A New BusinessCarlos Castelán is the managing director of NOMA Consulting Partners. Today he shares his educational experience and how it can be a stepping stone to success.
Technology Consultant Points To Higher Education For Entrepreneurial ConfidenceLara Ashmore is the principal of Inspire Intelligence, a company that provides consulting services for technology, strategic planning, project optimization, grant management, higher education and non-profit organizations.
Senior Living Consultant Encourages Others To Return To School"There was a nine-year gap between earning my bachelor’s and going back to school to earn master’s. Get involved early and get it behind you, don’t wait as long as I did," said Roy Barker.
Dallas Professor Says Higher Education Opens A World Of Opportunities"When I started college as biology major, I was really not interested in medicine. A friend of mine was working in a lab doing undergraduate research, and she told me how to get into the program. Once I was working in the lab, I was hooked," said Jill Buettner.
Nurses, Healthcare Administrators Are In Demand In DallasWith over 1 million online job postings for nurses, some of the most sought after positions in the Dallas area are for registered nurses.
Dallas 911 Operator Gives The 411 On Higher Education"Obtaining my master’s degree will open many career-driven doors for me. I realize that without the master’s degree I may not have those opportunities," says Melinda Jones.
Dallas Recruiter Suggests Master’s Degree Can Facilitate A Career ChangeChad Lawrence started off in sales but didn’t care for it. He wanted to transition into human resources and decided to earn a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix.
Dallas Software Developer Says Master’s Degree Helps You Stand OutRatheesh Devadoss is a senior software developer for Avalon Consulting, LLC in Plano. Avalon Consulting, LLC is big data consulting firm that focuses on transforming data into business results through a variety of technologies.
Dallas Social Worker Says Master’s Degree Is A Necessity For Better Jobs"I realized early in my career that it would be necessary to have a master's degree in order to land better and higher paying jobs in my field," says social worker, Rachael Ray.
Dallas Oral Surgeon Says Returning To School Creates New Opportunities"I developed an interest in global health many years ago through missions, school trips and military service. I knew that a master's degree would give me additional knowledge, training and open doors to new projects and ideas," said Dr. Michael Ray, D.D.S., M.P.H.
DISD Administrator Teaches Higher Education Can Opens Doors"The rewards have been the quiet steady – doors opening. It is the ability to have the skills and the capability to lead people that make a difference in the lives of DISD students every single day," says Tara Brown.
Ask An Expert: Turn A Summer Job Into A CareerGet advice about turning a summer job into the start of your career with tips from two career counselor experts.