A Waiting Game As John Wiley Price Jury Continues DeliberationsThe jury is still out in the corruption trial of John Wiley Price. This is the fifth day, or some 30 hours, that the panel has spent trying to decide the fate of the longest-serving Dallas County commissioner.
Still No Verdict As Price Jury Breaks For The WeekendIt was back to the Earle Cabell Federal Building in Dallas on Friday, and back to deliberating for jurors deciding the fate of Dallas County commissioner John Wiley Price. But they were still unable to reach a decision.
Judge In Price Trial Says She Could 'Modify Verdict'U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn considered dropping some of the charges against John Wiley Price the day before closing arguments.
Defense Rests In Price Corruption TrialPrice's legal team called a county administrator and an accountant as a defense expert before resting its case. Price did not testify.
Jurors In Price Trial Told 'It Wasn't Bribe Money, It Was Shoe Money'Jurors were told Wednesday that more than $100,000 in cash found in John Wiley Price's safe actually belonged to his assistant - kept under lock and key so she wouldn't go on a shoe shopping spree.
More Government Mistakes In Price Corruption TrialProsecutor Walt Junker timidly told Judge Barbara Lynn about the government's latest big flub - the third of its kind - moments after she'd dismissed the jury for the day.
Major Mistakes Made In Commissioner Price Corruption CaseProsecutors have admitted more mistakes in its federal corruption case against Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.
Key Testimony In Jeopardy In Price Corruption TrialProsecutors told U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn they inadvertently did not relay to the defense all of the information about the roles of former FBI Agent Don Sherman and FBI financial analyst David Garcia.
Commissioner John Wiley Price's Finances Topic In Corruption TrialThe government today turned its attention to County Commissioner John Wiley Price's finances in his federal corruption trial, calling his personal accountant to the witness stand.
The Unknown Jury For A North Texas Civil Rights LeaderWe don't know what their world was like before they were dropped into the jury box at the Dallas federal courthouse and told to either put down, or set free, John Wiley Price, a county commissioner and one of the most powerful black leaders in North Texas.
DISD Superintendent Testifies Against John Wiley PriceDallas ISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa testified that he was "surprised" at John Wiley Price's "negative response" to a development that would be an economic engine for the county's economically depressed south side.