U.S. To Recommend COVID Vaccine Boosters After 8 MonthsThe Biden administration is expected later this week to recommend that the majority of Americans get a booster shot eight months after their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
FDA OK's Extra Vaccine Dose For Some With Weakened Immune SystemsLate Thursday the Food and Drug Administration authorized transplant recipients and others with severely weakened immune systems getting an extra dose of the COVID vaccine.
FDA Expected To Allow 3rd Vaccine Dose For Some Immunocompromised AmericansThe FDA is expected to authorize orders for certain immunocompromised people to get a third 'booster' dose of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.
Some States Moving To Block Public School COVID-19 Vaccine RequirementsAs the return to school approaches, some states are prohibiting public schools from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or proof of vaccination for students ranging from pre-K to college campuses.
Republican Governors Of Texas And Florida Battle With Cruise Lines Over Vaccine RequirementsThe Republican governors of Texas and Florida are headed toward showdowns with some of the world's largest cruise lines over whether passengers boarding ships leaving their states can be required to show proof of vaccination.
Texas Workers File Suit After Hospital Requires Them To Get COVID VaccineSome employees at a Texas hospital are taking their employer to court over its requirement that all workers get vaccinated against COVID-19.
People With High-Risk Underlying Health Conditions May Not Be Fully Protected By COVID VaccinesEven the CDC warns that if you have a condition or are taking medications that weaken your immune system, you may not be fully protected against COVID-19 even when you’ve been fully vaccinated.
'Constantly Pressured', Texas Nurse Michelle Fuentes Says Refusal Of COVID Vaccine Led To TerminationTexas nurse Michelle Fuentes told KRIV-TV that she was terminated after working ten years at Houston Methodist hospital for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.  
City of Dallas Re-Launches In-Home COVID-19 Vaccinations, Opting For Moderna Instead of Johnson & JohnsonWhile the two-shot Moderna vaccine poses logistical challenges, they city said it's "committed to vaccinate our most vulnerable population as quickly and safely as possible."
FEMA-Supported Community Vaccine Clinic Distributes Close To 5K Doses In A DayThe first day the FEMA-supported community vaccine clinic in Arlington opened at AT&T Stadium it set a new high mark, distributing nearly 5,000 doses in a day.
More Than One-Third Of Texans Have Received Virus VaccineThe CDC reported 34.5% of the state's residents, more than 114 million, have been given one vaccination and 20.5%, more than 68 million, have been fully vaccinated.