Colonial Pipeline Restarting Operations After CyberattackThe nation's largest fuel pipeline restarted operations Wednesday, days after it was forced to shut down by a gang of hackers.
After Cyberattack Pipeline Officials Hope To Have Service Back By The Weekend -- But Oil Prices FallThe operator of a major U.S. fuel pipeline -- that runs from Texas to the northeast -- said it hopes to have services mostly restored by the end of the week after a massive cyberattack.
Cyberattack On Pipeline Running From Texas To The Northeast Linked To Criminal GangThe cyberextortion attempt that has forced the shutdown the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S. was carried out by a criminal gang.
Microsoft Disrupts Huge Malware Network They Say Massive Could Have Affected ElectionIt's called Trickbot and Microsoft says it has taken down servers behind the malware network that they feel could have indirectly affected election infrastructure.
Cyberattack Hobbles Hospital Chain's In Texas, Other Major U.S. Health FacilitiesA computer outage at a major hospital chain had healthcare facilities in Texas and across the U.S. into chaos Monday, with treatment impeded as doctors and nurses were forced to rely on paper backup systems.
School District Pays $10,000 Bitcoin Ransom After CyberattackA Massachusetts school district was waiting Friday for its computer system to be "unlocked" after it paid a $10,000 bitcoin ransom to hackers following a cyberattack on its system.
Ransomware Attack Hits Businesses Across The WorldEmployees booting up computers at work Monday could see red as they discover they're victims of a global "ransomware" cyberattack that created chaos in 150 countries and could wreak even greater havoc as more malicious variations appear.
Officials: Vladimir Putin Likely Gave Go-Ahead For U.S. CyberattackU.S. intelligence sources are not just pointing fingers at Russian hackers, but squarely at the Kremlin for a cyberattack that began in July of 2015 -- more than a year before the presidential election.