No Mechanical Issues In Fire Engine/Dairy Queen CrashThe Farmersville Police Department says after reviewing the black box data there is no indication of any specific malfunctions with the fire engine.
Owner Of Dairy Queen Crash Site Vows To Rebuild And ReopenA North Texas Dairy Queen owner has a huge project ahead after a fire engine crashed and wiped out the corner of his building.
Fire Truck Crashes Into Farmersville Dairy Queen"It sounded like a train, and then the next thing you know it just flew right by me through the store. It happened so quick," an employee said.
Fire Truck Crashes Into Farmersville Dairy QueenThree people were hurt Wednesday when a fire truck crashed into the side of a Dairy Queen restaurant in Farmersville. The vehicle was being delivered to the City of Greenville after being serviced in Denton.
Convenience Store Owner Pulls All-Nighter To Protect PropertyWolf Mart store owner Samir Patel is pulling an all-nighter inside his store in hopes of preventing another burglary there.
Robbery Outside Fort Worth Walmart StorePolice in Fort Worth have issued an alert after an aggravated robbery at a Walmart store parking lot. The victim was loading groceries into her car when she was confronted.
Dairy Queen Reports Possible Data HackDairy Queen said that hackers may have gained access to customer names, credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates at stores between August and October.
Texas Dairy Queens Affected By Potential Data BreachThat Dairy Queen Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard you ordered last year may end up costing more than what you paid for it.
Man Who Twice Robbed Dairy Queen Sentenced To 70 Years In PrisonA former employee who twice robbed the Dairy Queen where he once worked was sentenced to 70 years in jail last week.