100 Years Later, The Madness Of Daylight Saving Time EnduresIt’s absurd – and fitting – that a century later, opponents and supporters of daylight saving are still not sure exactly what it does.
Time To Change Time Again: Daylight Saving Time Returns It's time to change time again. Daylight saving time returns this weekend in the United States.
Flood Of Bills Proposed For Upcoming Session Of Texas Legislature Lawmakers have filed more than 500 bills on the first day to propose legislation before the Texas Legislature reconvenes in January.
Fall Back By Turning Back Your Clocks By 1 HourGet ready for the annual fall ritual of turning back your clocks by one hour, and relish that extra hour of sleep this weekend.
Viral Video: Daylight Saving Time - How Is This Still A Thing?We had to move all our clocks forward an hour over the weekend. Monday, we got to see what it’s like again. The exhaustion, the headaches, the drowsy driving.
It's Time To 'Spring Forward' As Daylight Saving Time ReturnsIt may be hard to tell with the recent bout of ice and snow across North Texas, but spring is closer than you think and here’s a sure sign: daylight saving time arrives this weekend.
'Daylight Saving' The MovieTwice per year, Americans must fight through the sometimes confusing and always inconvenient Daylight Saving Time. A new movie documents these struggles, and dramatizes the impact it has on our lives.
Changes From Your Health To Your Wallet With Daylight SavingIt’s that time of year again! This weekend time will officially change -- meaning we set our clocks forward and lose an hour of sleep. Now there’s proof that hour can cause big changes in everything from health and mood, to retail spending.
Prepare For Daylight Saving: Clocks Fall BackIt's finally time to reclaim that hour of sleep you lost last spring. Most of the country will turn back the clocks this weekend for the annual shift back to standard time.
Heart Attack Risk Greater During Time ChangeNot only do you lose an hour of sleep after the clocks move ahead to daylight-saving time this weekend, but you also may be at an increased risk for a heart attack.