Dallas County Reports 1,699 New Coronavirus Cases, 6 Deaths Following Deadliest WeekThere is a cumulative total of 146,042 cases (PCR test), including 1,385 deaths after six more were announced on Monday, the same day the first COVID-19 vaccines were given in the U.S.
Dallas County Reports 2,088 New Coronavirus Cases, 30 DeathsThere are currently 101 active long-term care facility outbreaks. This is the highest number of long-term care facilities with active outbreaks in Dallas County.
Dallas County Reports 1,105 New Coronavirus Cases, 8 DeathsArea hospitals are seeing record numbers of patients and remain concerned about additional increases related to the holiday season and related activities, DCHHS said.
Dallas County Reports 1,663 New Coronavirus Cases, 3 DeathsThere is a cumulative total of 136,283 cases (PCR test), including 1,237 confirmed deaths since the pandemic began.
'Now Is The Time For Patriotism': Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Implores Citizens To Help 'Flatten The Curve'Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 906 additional positive COVID-19 cases in Dallas County along with eight deaths on Friday, Dec. 4.
Dallas County Reports More Than 2K New Coronavirus Cases; Judge Clay Jenkins Calls Vaccine 'Light At End Of The Tunnel'The 2,122 new cases is the second highest number of new COVID-19 infections Dallas County has reported in a single day.
Dallas County Reports 1,179 New Coronavirus Cases, 8 DeathsThere is a cumulative total of 127,786 cases (PCR test), including 1,218 confirmed deaths in Dallas County since the pandemic began.
Dallas County Reports 702 New Coronavirus Cases, 5 DeathsThere is a cumulative total of 126,690 cases (PCR test), including 1,202 confirmed deaths after five more were announced Wednesday.
Dallas County Reports 1,386 New Coronavirus Cases, 6 DeathsDallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is advising residents to avoid crowds, including shopping crowds and not to have get-togethers in the home.
Dallas County Reports 1,716 New Coronavirus Cases, 7 DeathsThere is a cumulative total of 120,999 cases (PCR test), including 1,197 confirmed deaths after seven more were announced Tuesday.
Dallas County Sees Hundreds Fewer Coronavirus Cases Monday: 'Good News, But Too Early To Call A Trend'Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 541 additional positive cases of COVID-19 on Monday, Nov. 23.
Dallas County Reports 947 New Coronavirus Cases, 17 Deaths"These numbers (of new cases) appear to still be low due to lower than expected numbers from the state’s electronic laboratory reporting system," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
645 New COVID Cases In Dallas County; Judge Says Reporting System Problems Mean 'Artificially Low Numbers'"There is little reason to believe that if the full numbers were reported, they would be different than the trend we’ve been seeing for the last several days," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
Medical Model Indicates Dallas County Could See 2K Coronavirus Cases Per Day Before Thanksgiving"Now is the time to turn it around. The decisions you make today will determine the numbers in the coming days," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Calls For Working From Home, Curtailing Trips During Spike In COVID-19 Cases"As our numbers grow, our hospitals are filling and our healthcare heroes are becoming stretched and exhausted," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.