TxDOT, Law Enforcement Partner For ‘Drink. Drive. Go To Jail.’ Initiative This Labor Day weekend, The Texas Department of Transportation’s statewide "Drink. Drive. Go to Jail" campaign is in full swing.
Local Police Department Posts DWI Jingle VideoAround the holidays, police always want to get the message out to not drink and drive. This year, Arlington police decided to sing the message.
Students Get Firsthand Look At Distracted Driving DangersWatching through special goggles attached to a high-tech simulator, high school senior Tyera Breeze had what would be an important experience. “This is life-changing,” she said.
County Implementing "No Refusal" Campaign Super Bowl SundayFor the first time, Tarrant County law enforcement agencies will be implementing a "No Refusal" drinking and driving campaign during Super Bowl Sunday.
How Should Cowboys Handle Ratliff? Maybe Like 49ers Handle All Their DUIsThe Cowboys victimized themselves twice in 42 days with drunken-driving incidents that, in the first case, killed one team member and may have ended the football career of a potential starte
Experts: Cowboys Deadly Crash Could Be 'Teachable' MomentWith one Dallas Cowboys player dead and another facing criminal charges, recent events in North Texas are reminding many about the dangers of drinking and driving. Experts say the Cowboys tragedy could become a 'teachable' moment.
5x Drunk Driver Sentenced To 45 Years In PrisonA North Texas man, with nearly half-a-dozen Driving While Intoxicated convictions, has been sentenced to 45 years in prison.
TxDOT Ad Has Santa Sending Drinking & Driving MessageTxDOT has launched a new campaign to try and keep people from drinking and driving. The public service announcement shows Santa unhappy when he finds his reindeer throwing back beers and martinis, so he opts for a fleet of taxis to pull his sleigh.
Study: Alcohol Abuse Increases As Economy WorsensTexas leads the nation in drunk driving crashes and fatalities, with more than 96,000 Texas DUI arrests in 2010. Now a new study says, as the economy gets worse, so will the problem of drinking driving.
State Lawmakers Consider Bill Allowing Sobriety CheckpointsWhether you drink alcohol or not, you could soon find yourself stopped at a sobriety checkpoint. The Texas legislature is once again considering a bill to make them legal in the state.