Cruise Ship Docks With Ebola-Watched Health WorkerA cruise ship carrying a Dallas health care worker monitored for Ebola returned to port Sunday.
Texas Health Resources' CEO Apologizes For Ebola ResponseTexas Health Resources CEO Barclay Berdan publishes apology over Ebola Response.
Friends, Family Of Ebola Patient Reach MilestoneFamily and Friends of Ebola patient Thomas Duncan end 21 watch period Sunday,
Carnival Cruise Ship Returning To Dock In Texas After Ebola Concern
Judge Clay Jenkins: "This Is A Critical Weekend"Dallas County Commissioner Judge Clay Jenkins held a press conference Saturday regarding the latest Ebola updates.
Liberian Community Concerned About Ebola StigmaEbola patient is being cared for in the city with the second largest population of African immigrants
Ebola Monitoring Inconsistent As Virus SpreadEbola monitoring inconsistent claims continues as we learn more about the spread in Dallas.
Ohio Nurses Flew With Texas Nurse Who Has EbolaTwo large Cleveland hospital systems say some of their nurses and other employees were on a flight from Dallas with a Texas nurse days before she was diagnosed with Ebola.
CDC May Not Identify Breach In Protocol Leading To Nurse's Ebola InfectionDirector of the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Tom Frieden says they may never determine how Nina Pham contracted the Ebola virus.
Texas Congressman Wants To Suspend West African's VisasA Texas congressman wants to temporarily suspend visas for West Africans wanting to come to the United States.
Key Question: How Did Dallas Worker Contract Ebola?A health worker who wore protective gear while having extensive contact with Thomas Eric Duncan is the second confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S.