Just As The Lights Come Back On For Most Of Texas Water Woes Rise In The State & Across The SouthHundreds of thousands of North Texans who lost power for days after deadly winter weather overwhelmed the electric grid now have it back, but the crisis is far from over because many people in the state, and across the South, lack safe drinking water.
With 'Near Blizzard Conditions Possible' In North Texas, ERCOT Expects Record-Breaking Electric UseWith what is predicted to be historically cold weather this weekend through the middle of next week in Texas, the state's electrical grid operator is expecting record-setting usage.
Texas Power Grid Manager Expects To Avoid Summer BlackoutsElectricity demand in Texas is expected to hit record levels this summer, and with a thin margin of reserve power, the operator of the state's grid says it may have to ask businesses and consumers to conserve.
Roasting Hot! Texans Break ERCOT Energy Use RecordERCOT, the corporation that manages the electric grid for most of the state, broke an energy record on Monday.
Electric Grid Foresees Record Power Usage, Tight Reserves This SummerThe operators of the electric distribution grid that serves most of Texas foresees record-breaking electric power usage this summer.
ERCOT Conducts Rolling Blackouts In South Texas The operator of the electric grid for most of the state of Texas initiated a series of rolling blackouts in South Texas after problems arose in the area's transmission network.
Texas' Electricity Projections Improve, But Still Low The agency that oversees most of the Texas power grid says future power projections have improved but the state could still struggle with peak demand — possibly even next summer.
ERCOT Calling For Afternoon Energy ConservationYesterday the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) announced that electricity demand had set a new July record. Today the electric grid operator for most of the state is recommending conservation.
ERCOT: July Ends With Record Electricity DemandThe Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) announced Tuesday that the demand on its power grid peaked at 65,790 megawatts (MW) setting a new July record.
Official: Texas Electric Supply Will Be Tight The Texas power grid barely has enough electricity to meet demand this summer, and an unexpected drop in generation or spike in demand could lead to rolling blackouts, the president of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas testified Tuesday.
Texas May Increase Wholesale Electricity RatesThe Texas Public Utility Commission is considering raising the price cap on wholesale electricity rates by 50 percent this summer in hopes it will spur construction of new power plants.