Texas Regulator Sherry Botkin The Latest To Resign After Blackouts During Deadly Winter StormsShe was a Texas utility regulator appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott and Monday she became the second to resign after the deadly February blackouts that left millions without electricity or heat for days.
Never Again: 4 Steps Texas Needs To Take To Prevent Another Power CrisisIt was a failure. Millions of Texans were left without power at a time when they needed it the most. While the winter storms like those that hit Texas last week are rare, it’s not out of the question that it could happen again.
Texas-Based Electricity Provider 'Just Energy' Says Winter Storm Could Force It Out Of BusinessAn electricity and gas provider based in Texas, Just Energy, warned that the financial impact of the winter storm that moved through the state could force it out of business.
Gov. Abbott: Texas Public Utility Commission Halts Power Disconnections Due To Non-PaymentsGov. Greg Abbott on Sunday announced the Public Utility Commission of Texas has halted power disconnections due to non-payments and restricted electric companies from sending "skyrocketing" invoices at this time.
Dallas Resident Says He Received Nearly $7,000 Energy Bill As Effects Of Winter Storms ContinueDallas resident DeAndre Upshaw said it was "very shocking" when he opened his latest electricity bill.
ERCOT Says Texas Grids Are Up And Running & Electrical Systems Are Back To NormalERCOT -- Texas’ electric grid operator -- say the system has returned to normal for the first time since a winter storm knocked out power to more than 4 million customers.
ERCOT Expects To Come Out Of Electricity 'Emergency Conditions' Later Friday MorningAfter some four days of many Texans living in the dark and cold, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) announced that it expects to come out of emergency conditions Friday morning.
ERCOT Says Power Able To Be Restored For Majority Of Affected Texas ResidentsNearly 500,000 residents are still without power after the Electric Reliability of Texas said Thursday morning that it made "significant progress" in restoration efforts.
ERCOT Continues Power Restoration Efforts For More Than 2 Million Texans Amid CriticismThe Electric Reliability Council of Texas said it hopes by Thursday, customers will face controlled outages for no more than one hour at a time.
ERCOT Says Best Case Is Short, Rotating Outages By Late Wednesday or Early Thursday"The best case... is that today or tomorrow we're able to at least get back down to the point where all the consumers are experiencing outages that are no longer than say 30 minutes to an hour..." Dan Woodfin of ERCOT said.
ERCOT President Welcomes Investigation Into Mass Power Outages In TexasGovernor Greg Abbott is ordering an investigation into ERCOT, which oversees the state's electric grid, to determine what caused the mass power outage problem we’re seeing across Texas.