ERCOT Interim CEO In North Texas To 'Rebuild Trust' After February Storm-Related Power OutagesERCOT’s interim CEO was in Coppell Monday addressing what changes are being made and taking questions from the public.
Feds Make New Recommendations To Texas To Prevent Deadly Power Outages From Happening Again
Six Months After Winter Storms Consumer Advocacy Group Warns Texas Power Grid Still Isn't PreparedSix months after a series of winter storms left thousands of Texans without power, Texans for Fair Energy Billing is warning that legislative inaction has left the state power grid unprepared for the upcoming winter.
ERCOT Unveils A Roadmap To Improving Electric Grid Reliability In TexasThe Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has delivered what it calls a “roadmap to improving grid reliability” to Gov. Greg Abbott, members of the Legislature and the Public Utility Commission.
Did Texans Actually Conserve Energy This Week? Residents Question ERCOT's ReadinessThe conservation request from ERCOT this week received strong reactions just a few months after the devastating winter storms that knocked out power for millions.
Public Utility Commission Grills ERCOT Over Its Call For Texans To Conserve Energy This WeekCalling on Texans to conserve energy just four months after a massive power outage affected millions in the state caused a lot of worry.
Texas Power Grid Holding Up As Conservation Request From ERCOT RemainsWednesday, June 16 is the third consecutive day Texans were asked to conserve electricity.
North Texans Turning To Generators To Ensure Cool SummerPeople are concerned about potential failure of the Texas power grid.
ERCOT Says 'Forced Generation Outages,' High Temps Could Spell Issues For Texas Electricity Grid; Urge ConservationThe Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is asking all Texans to reduce electric use as much as possible as Texas heat stresses grid.
Texas At 'Elevated Risk' Of Energy Emergencies This Summer, Says North American Electric Reliability Corp.NERC says above average temperatures or less than expected wind output could cause energy challenges this summer.
ERCOT Says Power Should Stay On In Texas Throughout The SummerEven on the hottest day this summer the air conditioning should stay on, according to ERCOT's final seasonal assessment.