ERCOT Says Summer Electric Needs Will Be MetThe operator of the electric distribution grid for most of Texas said that six new generating units going online by August should help meet the state's power needs this summer.
Cold Snap Knocked State Generators OfflineJanuary's polar vortex knocked several important coal-fired electricity plants in Texas offline. Frozen instruments were the most-cited problem for why the plants shut down.
State Electric Grid Operator: 4 New Plants Will Ease Demand The operator of the electric distribution grid for most of Texas says the launch this summer of new generating plants will ease high demand in the coming months that could require conservation measures.
ERCOT Extends Conservation Alert Due To Record ColdThe state's power operator has extended a 'Conservation Alert' through Tuesday morning.
ERCOT Urges Electricity ConservationThe operators of the state's electric grid have urged conservation after freezing, icy weather led to power outages and forced some North Texas schools to call off classes.
Grid Operator: Peak-Hour Demand Rising More SlowlyDemand for electric power across Texas isn't growing as fast as previously thought, even during the hottest hours of summer, the operator of the electric distribution grid for most of the state said Friday.
ERCOT: Peak-Hour Energy Demand Rising More SlowlyThe operator of the electric distribution grid for most of Texas says demand for electric power isn't growing as fast as previously thought - even during the hottest summer hours.
ERCOT Cancels Conservation Alert For North Texas The operator of the electric grid that lights most of Texas has discontinued a prior alert asking customers to use less electricity.
Texans Asked To Conserve Electricity During Extreme ColdToday the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is asking electric consumers to reduce electric consumption from 5 p.m. today through Noon on Friday, February 7.
Power Demand In Texas Reaches New Winter Record The operator of the electricity transmission grid for most of Texas says this week's freezing temperatures have pushed demand for power in the state to a new winter record.
North Texas Energy Alerts All DiscontinuedThe extremely cold weather on Tuesday morning had North Texans cranking up their heat for the second day in a row, and the area hit a new high for power usage.
ERCOT Still Urging Energy ConservationMany folks across Texas are probably tempted to crank up the heat on Tuesday morning. But the demand for electricity could mean power problems throughout the state.
North Texas Cold Snap Nearly Prompts Rolling Power OutagesThe low temperatures in North Texas created a high demand for electricity
ERCOT Urges Texans To Conserve ElectricityThough rolling blackouts are not expected, freezing temperatures across much of Texas have led officials to issue an "Energy Emergency Alert" to protect the grid.
ERCOT Prepared For Fall & Winter DemandThe manager of the electric grid that serves most of the state said that it is ready to meet the power demands expected in Texas this coming autumn and winter.