'New Personnel & Procedures, Insufficient Oversight' Led To Texas Execution Without Media Present“The (investigation’s) findings show that a culmination of factors caused the incident which was preventable and inexcusable,” the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said in a statement.
Concerns Raised After Texas Carries Out Execution Without Media WitnessesFor the first time in state history an execution was held in Texas without journalists as witnesses. TDCJ officials are blaming miscommunication for preventing reporters from witnessing the state-sanctioned death of Quintin Jones.
Texas Executes Quintin Jones For Killing Great Aunt In 1999A Texas man convicted of fatally beating his 83-year-old great aunt more than two decades ago was executed Wednesday evening, despite requests from some of the victim’s family to spare his life.
Texas Execution Of Edward Lee Busby Halted Over Disability ClaimsEdward Lee Busby, 48, was condemned for the 2004 suffocation of retired 77-year-old Texas Christian University (TCU) professor Laura Lee Crane.
US Supreme Court Orders Another Look At Texas Death Row Case Of Murderer Ruben GutierrezThe US Supreme Court has ordered a further review by a lower court of a lawsuit brought by a Texas death row inmate who objects to a policy that bars a chaplain from accompanying him into the death chamber.
Government Makes History Carrying Out More Federal Executions In 2020 Than All U.S. StatesThe U.S. has made lethal injection history. For the first time, the government has carried out more executions in a year than all states that still conduct executions.
After Executing Man In Texas, Trump Administration Prepares For 2nd Federal Execution In As Many DaysHe severely abused his 2-year-old daughter in 2002, then killed her by slamming her head against a truck’s windows and dashboard while traveling through Texas. Today the Trump administration plans to continue its unprecedented series of post-election federal executions by putting Alfred Bourgeois to death.
US Carries Out Execution Of Texas Gang Member Brandon BernardBernard directed his last words to the family of the couple he killed, speaking with striking calm for someone who knew he was about to die.
Advocates Fight To Stop Federal Execution Of Brandon Bernard For Texas SlayingsCriminal justice advocates, celebrities, and jurors involved in a 1999 murder case are calling on the Trump administration to halt the federal execution of Brandon Bernard, 40.
Feds Execute Orlando Hall For Kidnapping, Raping And Burying North Texas Teen Lisa Rene Alive In 1994In 1994 he was with a group of men who kidnapped, raped, and buried Lisa Rene, a 16-year-old from Arlington, alive. On November 19, 2020 officials at a federal prison used a lethal injection to put Orlando Hall to death.
Judge Halts Federal Execution Of Inmate Orlando Hall Who Kidnapped, Raped And Buried North Texas Teen Lisa Rene AliveA judge has halted the scheduled execution of Orlando Hall, who was convicted of kidnapping and raping a 16-year-old Texas girl, bludgeoning her with a shovel and burying her alive.