Justices Won't Touch $236M Verdict In Exxon Mobil Pollution CaseThe Supreme Court will not hear North Texas-based Exxon Mobil's appeal of a $236 million judgment for its use of a gasoline additive that contaminated groundwater.
ExxonMobil Posts Surprise Profit JumpExxonMobil said on Friday that profits rose 3 percent in the third quarter as strong refining performance offset lower revenues from falling oil prices and production.
Exxon Holders To Vote On Gay Discrimination BanExxon Mobil shareholders are voting on measures to explicitly ban discrimination against gays and to reduce production of greenhouse gas emissions.
Venezuela To Pay Exxon Mobil Only $255 MillionVenezuela said Monday it has successfully defended itself in an international arbitration case brought by Exxon Mobil Corp. and will need to pay only $255 million of the more than $900 million awarded to the company.
Exxon Mobil Awarded $908 Million In Venezuela DisputeAn international arbitration body has awarded Exxon Mobil Corp. nearly $908 million in a dispute with Venezuela over compensation for the nationalization of its assets, the company said Sunday.
iPads Trump Oil: Apple Becomes Most Valuable U.S. CompanyIt doesn't take a visit to the Genius Bar to figure out how Apple became the most valuable company in America.
Apple Passes Exxon As Most Valuable U.S. CompanyApple has surpassed Irving-based Exxon Mobil as the most valuable company in the United States.
Exxon Discovers New Oil In The Gulf Of MexicoExxonMobil disclosed details of an oil and gas field that could prove to be one of the largest discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years.