Texas Department Of Agriculture Increases More Than 100 Fees More than 100 fees related to agriculture production are going up this year in Texas, but the added costs to produce food likely won't be passed on to consumers.
FDA Tweaks Food Safety Rules Due Next YearThe government is rewriting sweeping new food safety rules after farmers complained that they could hurt business.
Texans With Character: We Over Me FarmEating healthy is not always easy or cheap. That is why one North Texas college took it upon itself to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for its neighbors.
Farmers Work To Save Crops From FreezeThe cold snap that hit DFW on Tuesday morning means more than just dragging out the winter coat again. For farmers, the freeze threat has been all about saving this year's crops.
Dallas Students Learn To Be City FarmersFarming in the city is not just a trend. For elementary school students in northeast Dallas, it is a way of life.
State Agriculture Program Has Texans Feeding Texans One focus of the Texas Department of Agriculture is feeding the hungry. The department’s Texans Feeding Texans program awards grants to organizations to help offset the cost of getting surplus food products to Texas food banks.
Texas Landowners Take Stand Against Big OilOil has lived in harmony with farmland and cattle across Texas, a symbiosis nurtured for generations and built on an honor code that allowed agriculture to thrive while oil was extracted.
Organic Farmers Cover Up For Aerial SprayingOrganic farmer Marie Tedei spent Wednesday evening covering nearly two acres of her crops. This marks the third time this week she's gone through the drill.
Forecast: U.S. Drought Lingering But Leveling OffThe worst drought in the U.S. in decades may be leveling off or even easing ever so slightly in some lucky locales, federal weather forecasters announced Thursday in a report of little comfort for farmers and ranchers already tallying this year's losses.
Texas Agriculture Is AgingFarming and ranching is attracting fewer young people. The most recent data shows that farm operators over the age of 65 outnumber those under the age of 35 by a 6-to-1 ratio.
Dallas Students Prepare To Farm School Agriculture PlotsMoss Haven Elementary School in Dallas is celebrating its history by unveiling a series of sub-irrigation systems that will form a new educational program about agriculture and the environment.