Texas Judge Says Austin Can Require Masks Despite State Ending COVID-19 MandatesRepublican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who sued the city over the mandate, did not immediately react to the ruling, although an appeal is likely.
Gov. Abbott Tells President Biden In Letter He's 'Emboldening Cartels, Smugglers And Human Traffickers' At BorderGovernor Greg Abbott sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Tuesday, "demanding answers to the humanitarian crisis at the southern border."
Gov. Greg Abbott Says Businesses Need Protection From 'Frivolous' COVID-19 Lawsuits, Also Discusses Migrant Teens In TexasThe Texas Trial Lawyers Association opposes the legislation saying lawyers and juries should consider the lawsuits, not politicians.
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Calls On Gov. Greg Abbott To Reverse ERCOT Overcharges, Exposing Major Policy DifferencePatrick said he's on the same page as Governor Abbott 95%  of the time, but not in this specific case involving the power outages that have consumed the Texas Capitol for the past month.
Buses Carrying What Are Believed To Be Migrant Teens From The Border Arrive At Dallas Convention CenterThe Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in downtown Dallas is opening as a temporary shelter. Shortly after 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, several buses pulled up outside the convention center.
Governor Abbott Wouldn't Explain Why He Requested PUC Chair's Resignation Or His Position On Senate Bill To Reverse ERCOT OverchargesAt the Texas Capitol, a political fight is brewing between Republican leaders.
'I Urge President Biden Do Not Traumatize These Children': Texas Gov. Abbott Pushes For Answers On Influx Of Migrant KidsTexas Gov. Greg Abbott held a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Dallas as thousands of migrant teen boys head to the convention center for temporary shelter.
Texas PUC Chairman Arthur D'Andrea Resigns 2 Weeks After Gov. Abbott Appoints Him"Tonight, I asked for and accepted the resignation of PUC Commissioner Arthur D’Andrea. I will be naming a replacement in the coming days..," Gov. Greg Abbott said.
Despite Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Claims, There Is No Evidence Migrants At Border Are Spreading COVIDWhile ending Texas’ coronavirus restrictions, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is also voicing concerns about the virus' spread to migrants with COVID-19 crossing the U.S.-Mexico border -- though there has been no evidence of that actually happening.
Gov. Greg Abbott Declares ERCOT Billing Error Correction An Emergency Item For Texas Legislature"The emergency item includes any inaccurate excessive charges and any issues regarding ancillary service prices," the brief news release said.
North Texas School Districts Reassessing Mask PoliciesIn light of Gov. Greg Abbott lifting Texas’ mask mandate, the Texas Education Agency has updated its public health guidance stating a public school system’s current mask requirements can remain unchanged.