Task Force Shifts Ebola Patient's Treatment StrategyAt the first hearing held by the Texas Task Force On Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response, some of the most experienced infectious disease doctors in Texas discussed lessons learned from the three Ebola cases in Dallas.
Perry Cutting Europe Trip Short Due Of Ebola CrisisGov. Rick Perry's office says he's cutting short a business trip to Europe and will return Thursday because of the Ebola crisis in Texas.
Perry Lawyers Seek Order For Grand Jury Testimony
Gov. Perry Urges Calm, Confirms Ebola Patient's Contact With StudentsThe first person to be diagnosed with the Ebola virus on American soil had contact with several school-aged children before he was admitted to the hospital on Sunday.
Perry Not Sure How Long Guard Troops To Deploy Gov. Rick Perry has visited some of the 1,000 National Guard troops he's ordered to the Texas-Mexico border but says he does not know how long they'll be deployed.
Gov. Perry Sending National Guard To Texas Border Gov. Rick Perry says he's deploying as many as 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border after growing tired of "lip service" from the federal government.
Gov. Rick Perry Calls Second Special Session On AbortionAfter a more than 12 hour effort by Senator Wendy Davis to kill anti-abortion bill SB5, Texas lawmakers will get another chance to pass the legislation.
Gov. Perry Signs Drug Screening Legislation Laid-off workers in Texas looking to receive unemployment benefits have a new hurdle: mandatory drug testing. Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law Friday.
Perry May Appeal FEMA's Decision Not To Help West RebuildFEMA has denied Governor Rick Perry's request for a major disaster declaration in West, Texas again.
Governor Considers Special Session On Highway FundingGovernor Perry and state lawmakers are considering using a special session to deal with the issue of funding new road construction in Texas.
Gov. Perry Calls Special Session To End Controversy Over Voting DistrictsGovernor Perry wants lawmakers to approve the voting maps drawn by a federal court in Washington, DC that were already used for Congressional and state legislative districts last year.