GPS Technology Helping Texas Police Capture CriminalsTracking criminals without having to chase them... it's a concept that may seem farfetched, but at least one Texas police department is using new specialized GPS technology to do just that.
New Plano ISD Security Plan Includes Mobile Panic ButtonsAdministrators in the Plano Independent School District have decided on a new plan to keep students safe in schools. While the human security presence will be increased the district is also taking a digital approach.
Bill Would Require Warrant For Police Cell Phone TrackingTracking your location through your cell phone will be a bit more complicated for police if Governor Perry signs one bill at the state capitol.
Insurance Devices Can Track More Than Your DrivingYou may have seen the ads showing a plug-in device that auto insurers promise will help lower rates for good drivers. While the devices keep track of your good driving habits, they may also show the bad.
Thief Steals Truck Of Dallas Veteran, Organ DonorWhen a Dallas army veteran returned home from duty he literally gave a piece of himself away. Now, the man who hasn’t always walked an easy path will have to walk a little more. This past Friday his truck was stolen.
UTA Police Planting 'Bait Bikes' To Catch ThievesYou've heard of police using bait cars to catch car thieves. Now, police on the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) campus have turned to GPS technology to try and stop a string of bicycle thefts.
Dallas Co. Constables Accused Of Not Giving Eviction WarningsDozens of Dallas County Constable Deputies are accused of not serving papers when they said they did and lying to judges about it.
Stalkers Have Texas Shelters Addressing GPS Phone SafetyDomestic abuse shelters across the country say phone GPS systems are making it harder to keep victims safe.
Device Uses GPS To Keep Track Of Your ChildGPS technology can help you find a restaurant near you, get you directions, and even tell you where you parked your car. But now GPS technology can help you find your child.