Texas Home To 'Reddest County In America'The dust has started to settle after last week’s historic election, and one small Texas town in the Panhandle has earned the title of “Reddest County In America.”
Clinton Reflects On Loss, Urges Backers To 'Stay Engaged'Hillary Clinton is reflecting on her devastating defeat, acknowledging the difficulty of her loss for her supporters and urging them to persevere through the Donald Trump era.
Trump Lauds Electoral College As Clinton Wins Popular VoteAfter losing the popular vote, President-elect Donald Trump has decided that the Electoral College is a pretty smart way to elect a president after all.
Trump Breaks Tradition, Grabs Dinner Without Press In TowPresident-elect Donald Trump has broken with protocol by leaving his Trump Tower residence without taking along his press contingent.
Texas Official Says Worker Fired For Offensive Clinton TweetTexas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller says he fired a campaign worker who posted an obscene reference to Hillary Clinton on Miller's official Twitter account.
More North Texas Anti-Trump Protests Planned TonightOnce again hundreds of North Texans are expected to gather to protest Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 presidential election.
Social Media Expert Says Election Healing Starts OnlineIf wearing a little, "I Voted" sticker wasn't enough of a statement to make after casting your ballot, social media has given everyone the chance to act as a pundit about the 2016 election, and a lot of the rhetoric isn't pretty.
Social Media Becomes Tool For Candidates To Reach MillennialsCandidates refer to "battleground states", but social media may have become the most important battleground in this presidential election.
Politlcal Polls Were Unable To Predict 2016 Election ResultsThere is shock and awe among many Americans today who woke to find a different candidate headed to the White House than even the experts predicted.
Stephen King Is "Shutting Down" After Trump WinDefeat in the presidential race has many supporters of Hillary Clinton shocked. Among them is Stephen King. The bestselling author tweeted early Wednesday that he's going offline.
Donald Trump Elected President Of The United StatesDonald Trump is going to be the 45th president of the United States.
Clinton Yet To Make Public Comment After Election LossShortly after 1:00 a.m. central time, John Podesta told Hillary Clinton supporters there are more votes to count and they should go home.
Clinton Wins Washington State, Trump Takes GeorgiaHillary Clinton has won Washington state and its 12 electoral votes, while Trump was awarded Georgia's 16 electoral votes.
Trump Wins Key State Of North Carolina, Clinton Takes OregonDonald Trump has won battleground North Carolina and its 15 electoral votes, while Clinton has taken the state of Oregon and its seven electoral votes.
Clinton Wins California & Hawaii, Trump Wins IdahoHillary Clinton has won California and Hawaii. Donald Trump has won Idaho's four electoral votes.