Southern Border Patrol Agents Save Undocumented Migrant Who Fell Under Train, Remind Others 'Don't Trust Smugglers' Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents saved a undocumented female migrant after she lost her grip and fell underneath a moving train she was attempting to board illegally on June 10. 
Laredo Sector Border Patrol Agents Arrest More Than 160 Undocumented Individuals Within 24 HoursAll the individuals were in the U.S. illegally and from the countries of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.
3 Illegal Aliens Convicted Of Sexual Crimes Against Children Arrested At Texas/Mexico Border This week, U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley arrested three illegal aliens with prior convictions for sexual crimes against children.
Border Patrol Agents Arrest Convicted Murderer Luis Alonso Godines-Maldonado After Illegally Entering USU.S. Border Patrol agents in Del Rio arrested convicted murderer, Luis Alonso Godines-Maldonado on Wednesday shortly after he entered the country illegally. 
Patrol Agents Arrest MS-13 Gang Member, Convicted Child Sex Offenders Along Texas/Mexico Border It took U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley only three days to arrest three alleged sexual predators and a MS-13  gang member in south Texas.
President Trump Visits Texas Border Town Touting Efforts Against Illegal ImmigrationIn Alamo, President Trump delivered remarks highlighting his administration's efforts to curb illegal immigration and the progress made on his signature 2016 campaign promise.
President Trumps Travels To US-Mexico Border For First Time In 2020President Donald Trump is taking his first 2020 trip to the US-Mexico border Tuesday amid ongoing concerns about an uptick in coronavirus cases and on the heels of his foray back on the campaign trail in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Trump Administration Considers Sending All Who Cross Border Illegally To MexicoThe Trump administration is considering a plan to turn back all people who cross the border illegally from Mexico.
Texas Attorney Charged With Making False Statement Related To Bribery Case About Alien Detainee Roster ListsA South Texas woman was taken into custody Monday, following an indictment alleging she made a false statement to authorities in a bribery investigation involving alien detainee roster lists.
Commissioners From Texas' Most Populous County Vote 3-2 To Set Up Immigrant Defense FundHarris County commissioners approved a plan to create and fund a program that will offer legal services for immigrants, including many who are in the country illegally and fighting deportation.
Company Agrees To Pay Government $3 Million After Illegally Employing Undocumented WorkersNorth Texas construction company Speed Fab Crete will pay the government $3 million for its role in a scheme to illegally employ undocumented immigrants.