MLB Clarifies Possession On Double Play ForceoutsIn the first season of expanded instant replay, when infielders have possession while trying to turn double plays has become controversial.
NBA To Consider Giving Refs More Replay RightsFor now, the rules are clear about what referees can look at. But Commissioner Adam Silver says the league will 'inevitably' reach a point where they can do more.
MLB Internet Head Says Replay System Has 'Largely Worked'The head of baseball's Internet company defended the sport's new replay system on Tuesday, sying it has largely worked.
NFL To Tweak Replay ReviewsLeague owners passed a rule Tuesday in which referees can consult with director of officiating Dean Blandino and his staff to help determine whether a call should be upheld or overturned.
NCAA Panel Approves Targeting Penalty ChangeAn NCAA panel has approved a change to the targeting foul that would wipe out the 15-yard penalty when video review overturns the ejection of a player.
Replay Review In Rangers-Angels Confirms CallAn instant replay review in the exhibition game between the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels has confirmed the umpire's call.
MLB Approves Expanded ReplayMajor League Baseball vaulted into the 21st century of technology on Thursday, approving a huge expansion of instant replay in hopes of eliminating blown calls.
MLB To Move Ahead With Instant ReplayOwners approved funding the replay expansion when they met Thursday and plan to approve the exact rules in January following the completion of negotiations with the unions for umpires and players.