13 Dallas Police Officers Disciplined For Social Media Posts That Violated Department PolicyThe discipline handed out ranges from documented counseling to suspensions without pay.
'Heroic' Dallas Officers Being Kept Away From Awards Banquet Due To Internal Affairs InvestigationsOfficers were told the department would be enforcing a seldom-used and vague rule that basically says any officers with open internal affairs investigations cannot attend.
Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall Fires 3 OfficersUnder civil service rules, these officers have the right to appeal their discipline.
PD Investigation After Video Shows Officer Punching Woman In HeadPolice have launched an investigation after video posted online shows an officer punching a woman in the head on a beach in New Jersey.
Dallas Police Officer Arrested For Family Violence AssaultOfficer Richard Council is a 3-year veteran with the department and is currently assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division.
DPD Cops Investigated After Controversial Podcast Night Of AmbushA questionable video from the night of the downtown Dallas ambush shows two on-duty DPD officers calling fellow fellow officers ‘cowards’ on a podcast.
Three DPD Officers Under Investigation After Alleged Racially Insensitive CommentsThree Dallas police officers are now being investigated after a controversial picture posted on social media.
Dallas Woman Frustrated By Long InvestigationJoyce Williams claims that, while a police officer watched, her ex-boyfriend removed a refrigerator, a washer and dryer, televisions, liquor, even her clothes and jewelry from her home.
Dallas Police Officer Arrested For DWIJohnathan Sharkey has been with the department since April 2006 and is currently assigned to the Narcotics Division.
DPD Officer Terminated After Arrest For Sex Assault Of ChildSenior Corporal Ryan Ramirez was charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. Chief Brown announced after a hearing, Ramirez was terminated for his alleged actions.
Off-Duty Dallas Police Officer Arrested At Country Fair An off-duty Dallas police officer was jailed early Sunday morning on charges of criminal mischief and public intoxication.